Sorry for the questions!

I had my lletz done on the 20th July, 11 days later I ended up in a+e because of an infection, they used silver nitrate on me and kept me in over night, my questions are: 

When does the pain go away? Its more like period cramps than a shooting pain

And I've not had the black gritty bits like I did when I had cold coagulation, is this normal?


Sorry, I'm just a newbie, I did have a look through some posts but couldn't see anything that would answer these questions



Hi. I didn't have much pain after my lletz, so I can't help you there. The black stuff is normal, it's when the healing is starting and your body us expelling the stuff they use to dry out the wound. Xxx

Hi Leeanne, I'm so sorry to hear that you ended up with an infection - that is probably the cause of your continued pain so when it clears up you will probably not notice it so much anymore - it has been 3 weeks since my LLETZ & sometimes I still get local pain if I overextend myself in my job, but the general period pains were gone within about a week.
I also never got any black bits in my discharge, I had a period start the day after treatment followed by weeks of watery discharge that was for the most part yellowish, & I am recovering fine so I don't think it is anything to worry about.
*hugs* & wishing you a speedy recovery & short wait for your results.

Hey, I had some pain (more 2-3 weeks after my biopsy rather than my lletz that I've only had one day of bad pain. However they were saying to me that remember its a muscle so when it starts to heal properly there will be pain- like your arm/legs after you go to the gym, whch might explain why my pain after bipsy didnt start straight away. Good luck for your recovery :)