Sorry for questions but need to sleep :(

If I did have cc and it had spread eould my ultrasound of pelvis have picked this up?


where is the first place it tends to go? Also if it was advanced could they have seen this just by looking with colposcopy? 


If if the cancer was the type in the canal would this be easily seen?


sorry for million questions xxx

Hiya originating in the cervical canal would be glandular which develops into adenocarcinoma. It wouldn't necessarily be visible at colposcopy. Usual routes of spread are through the tissue which goes out towards the pelvic wall eventually blocking the ureters, through the blood and lymph nodes. Unfortunately no one can tell you this, I totally understand where you are at the moment and how scary it is not knowing and fearing the worst but it does get easier even if you are diagnosed with cc knowing is easier to cope with. try not to Google. hope you are feeling better this morning after some rest.  


Charlene xx

Thank you so much for replying love. 


I I feel so anxious! It's awful! 


My my smears have been normal so don't understand why in colposcopy I had white areas. Can these areas ever be anything else? Xx

Yes they can just be abnormal cells they are not necessarily cancer. I was given a pretty good indication at colposcopy that I was looking at a cc diagnosis. And what I seen on that screen was not wee white patches it was thick white stuff that didn't even resemble a cervix, lots of blood it was a massacre :/ . I know it's so hard cos I remember it so well and as weird as it sounds I was relieved when he finally just told me and how we were going to get shot of iT. I'm hopeful this won't be the case for you loads of women have cgin which is the glandular abnormality of even a precancer but no cancerous cells :).


Charlene xx

You are incredible going through this and still giving advice to me! Thank you so very much.


was your smear the first indication? Mine have been normal but I've been having symptoms xx