Sore Tender Breasts after LEEP - 2 years menopausal

Hi All

I had a LEEP procedure done on 29th July this year. I am in the menopause and have not had a period for 2 1/2 years. I have been suffering with hot flashes all throughout my menopause, for about the past 5 years. 2 weeks after the LEEP procedure my hot flashes suddenly disappeared (which is great!), but my breasts have become extremely painful, sore and tender and have been like this for the past 2 weeks with no sign of subsiding - just like premenstrual symptoms. I just don’t understand - it seems that the LEEP has messed with my hormones. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

i had a LLETZ procedure 13 days ago and my breasts have been really tendor too. I'm just wondering if the procedure has caused some kind of hormonal imbalance. I've not had a period for a long time and not going through the menopause although I am bleeding which I think is normal. More information is needed post treatment. All my information has been from a small leaflet I was given at the hospital and this really helpful site. 

Hi rachd123 - yes I agree - not enough information is given.  I have now started to pass a couple of clots and a couple of,only what I can describe as 'stringy things'.  I had a slight bit of watery bloody discharge on Sat eve, followed by a clot and then again last night and this morning the 'stringy bits'. My breasts are still extremely tender and sore - so fed up with it all.

I'm finding it all very distressing. I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks and really want the bleeding to stop. I did go to the doctors last week as I had quite a smelly dark brown discharge and have been told I have a slight infection but did tell me the antibiotics weren't mandatory but I think I will get them tomorrow just for my own peace of mind. I am now constantly bleeding but not heavy. I only know about the healing process from reading on this site and everyone is different! 

I started to bleed one week after the LEEP - it was a Saturday and of course my GP was closed.  I rang the number for the hospital which was given to me at the time of the treatment, for some advice and was told to go to A & E to get referred to a gynocologist to get checked out. I spent 5 hours in the hospital! Was told that probably had an infection and given anitbiotics - they also cauterized my cervix with some chemical burn and then did a full pelvic examination where they found a cyst on one of my ovaries.  They made an appointment for me to have an ultrasound scan the following weds.  The bleeding actually stopped completely after a couple of days, which was good.  Went for the scan on the weds - they did an internal scan, found the cyst, but it looked normal to them - just a fluid filled cyst, which they said should just disappear on its own - no follow up required.  However, due to being poked around internally I started to blead again immediately - i was told that this won't last.  The bleeding stopped after a couple of days and then i just had some discharge.  A week later my breasts started to feel tender - the discharge had practically cleard up all together last week, and then started with the clots and stuff this weekend.  I too am going on holiday in 2 weeks time - just hope it all goes away by then.