Sore feet

hello ladies,

for the past month or so my feet have been soooo sore, dr tells me that it is neuropathy. I have started taking the b vitamins and have increased my magnesium.

He also increased my script for gabapentin, which seems to help some. I realize that this kind of thing usually peaks it ugly head up around 5-8 months post treatment of any platinum chemo drug and that cisplatin is known for this but my question is this....

have any of you experienced this and when did it start following treatment? Did you find anything that helps? I really hate taking Advil daily but seems to work but really bad for my kidneys. Did the pain eventually go away. It's not a tingle or sharp pain. Not even numb, it's just this dull achy feeling. Doesn't matter if I sit stand walk it's always there! It's really starting to bug me. I am stretching and drinking lots of water. 

i have an appointment in August with my team and will mention this but family dr just wants to always give pills. 

Is there relief in sight or should I just suck it up and be grateful I'm ok?

Hi Lolli

i havent had any bother with feet yet,I am sure I will the way my luck is. Just curious,what B vits are you taking? I stopped everything while trying to sort my bowels out,now thats done I need to start again. Have you had any bladder problems? i feel like I have the stinging/burning feeling,but no urgency. I see my oncologist in a few days,so I am in full blown panic mode again x

Hi Lolli. My cancer was diagnosed in Sept 2014 and had a RH followed by chemo rad as it had spread to lymph nodes. About a year later I was diagnosed with lymphodoema, as I had some swelling in my ankles following a holiday abroad. I regularly have tingling in the lower half of my body, and stiffness or tightness around my achilles tendon after I have been lying down, and I walk like an old woman for 10 minutes or so in the mornings. I have always put this down to having lymphodoema, but since it is well controlled with compression garments and massage, I am now wondering if it is due to the chemo instead. I am interested in the Vit B and magnesium supplement, which I will look into further. As yet not needing to take pain meds. It began about six months after the treatment ended. Sorry I can't be more helpful,  it it is just one of the many niggles post chemo. Also have tinnitus and some hearing loss. 

Hi ladies,

thanks for responses. I'm taking b1,B6 &b12 the magnesium seems to help with the tightness in my calf muscles. I have no swelling at all just a dull ache. Does seem worse in the morning. I also have sciatica that seems to come and go. Tried various sleeping positions which helps a lot. Pillow under my knees is a must these days. Soaking my feet in Epsom salts seems to take the edge off and an Advil seems to take away the pain that sits about a 5-6 a scale of pain. I think I will try acupuncture or something next. I'm just wondering if it will go away eventually or is this something I have to learn to live with :(

really it's not that bad just hope it will eventually disapear. 

Hope you all are doing well

Hi Lolli,

I experience this as well. I've noticed it gets worse if I miss taking my vitamin D. Not sure if it's related but I have noticed a pattern so it's worth a shot I suppose. I hope you get some relief soon ❤

hello, I am having same issue. Finished all treatment ( 27 radiation/6chemo and 4 brachy) on july 5, 2017. Having stinging/burning/slight incontinence. i am trying my best with drining lots of water. I was wondering how long did it last for you?


04/2017 diagnosed 2b

finished treatment 07/05/2017 - 25 radiation.6 chemo, and 4 brachy

re pet scan on due 09/2017

Hi lolli 

I'm experiencing the same only in my right foot, it started after I'd increased my gym work outs to 5 days a week and I thought that was causing it, but maybe i should try supplements too if you think they've helped!! I don't take pain relief for it but it's very bothersome and like you I can feel it all the time!! I've been sleeping with my legs elevated as worried about lymphodema.. I have a slight swelling on that ankle too so will mention it to my onco when I see her in a few weeks!! I find getting out of bed the worst I'm like an 80 year old but not so bad once I get going!! im wondering the same as you if it will go away on its own be intresting to hear off ladies who are further along and if they've had it? Take care xx

Hi lolli

So glad you reached out as you always write such meaningful replies to all of us. 

So I had exactly what you are describing... a constant dull ache in my feet. It became quite bad to the point that sometimes I had to stop walking in my tracks (not that it would stop the pain). I probably had this in February to May of this year and I finished treatment at the end of October last year. 

The pain in my feet just stopped over time And I've only had it a couple of times since. I was taking vitamins inc magnesium and drinking more water but not sure if thats what helped because I am quite inconsistent with taking vitamins (woops) and I was taking them prior to the pain in the feet.

I also found that the pain was worse in the morning. 

I really hope that like mine, your pain just goes away in a short time! Sorry you have to deal with this, I do remember how much it bothered me. 

Fingers crossed it's not around for long.


Rosie xx


Hi lolli

im having exactly the same, pain in my feet especially if I wake in the night and in the morning, I'm so glad you put this post on as I was just assuming it was something else I just have to learn to live with. I will definitely try the vitamins, I'm taking cod liver oil and primrose oil currently but will at the B vitamins and see if it helps. 

I put it down to wearing flip flops ( feeling silly now ) 

hope your well 

kim xx

Hello again ladies

thank you all for giving me some input on this.

I have gone back to my GP and we are going to try to do a few changes in my prescription and he has given me some pain killers that are slower release for any breakthrough pain. I apparently process meds quicker then most so taking my same amount but spread out 3x a day vs 2 should help. We will see. If this doesn't work then he will change my prescription. I guess it's just a matter of finding out what works for you.

It's been 1 complete day of doing this change up and I have noticed a slight change but he said it will take a few days to really see. I have also done some blood work to find out if I have a vitamin b deficiency as this knowledge could be great to have and if I am my nerves won't have a chance of healing from the damage done by chemo.

He also mentioned I could try acupuncture but to make sure it is someone who has experience working with cancer patients and post treatment care. 

I do hope I will be lucky and this will just disappear. 

Love to you all!!!