Sore and bleeding gum

Hi just wondering if sore and bleeding gums is a usual thing after treatment, I finished in August

Thanks ladies xx

Sounds more like periodontitis. Have a word with your dentist.

Be lucky :-)

After every chemo, the pharmacist would bring me my little bag of anti sickness tablets and would ask me if there were any problems with my gums...I never had any problems up there though!

might be worth calling your nurse? Maybe cisplatin affect your gums! Might be a rare side effect.


stay well,



Hi Tracy Its great to hear you have finished your treatment and hopefully making a full recovery. I start my treatment in 2 weeks the Consultant gave me a leaflet on Cisplatin yesterday and it said Bleeding Gums can be a side affect. I would definately mention it to your GP to put your mind at rest. The Consultant told me yesterday that side affects of the treatment can last for months and longer. I hope this is helpful Tracy I wish you all the Best for the Future. xx

Hi, I had and still have a lot of soreness in my mouth. When I was going through treatment I had blisters on my gums, tounge and roof of my mouth. The blisters on the roof of my mouth are still there and swell up now and then and my mouth becomes sore too it's Alot more sensitive now.

I would mention it to your dentist though just incase it's an infection xx

Thanks ladies, it has died down a little, although this is the second time it's happened, so maybe it will flare up again, who knows! Perhaps it is the chemo then. Will wait and see if it happens again, in the meantime, thank you so much ladies, you are all the best mwahhhhhh xxx