Soooo tired mentally

Hi ,

I have 2a cc , negative lymph nodes but lsiv positive. I had radical hysterectomy.  And to be on the safe side i was given 6 cisplatin + 28 external radiotherapy.  I feel so bored , tired ,weak and unhappy. 2 more cisplatin and 7 more rt left but i feel so weak . I am crying crying and crying.......

What shall i do ?? What if i stop ??

Hi idyll, I'm someway behind you as just started treatment but I just wanted to jump on and say I completely understand. After having radical hysterectomy myself to then face more treatment just feels utterly exhausting. I totally can relate to feeling the strength is gone and behind you. BUT you are so close to the finish line, so so close. Someone told me being brave isn't about not being frightened and exhausted, it's about ploughing through the other side of those feelings, 

i am sure you will hear from other people from the other side of the finish line and that will cheer me on also, but from me, it's a YOU GOT THIS. You're so close, keep on keeping on. Tomorrow will be brighter day. 

I'm exactly the same keep bursting into tears only got 3 radio an braccy to get through, but since Tuesday done nothing but cry over stupid things too, ur nearly at the end it only natural to be emotional u have been through such an intense journey but not long to go now, take a couple of hours to do with u want to do, turn off ur phone an have u time think purely about wot ur needs are.

Dawn x

I was the  same near end of treatment how are your bloods  as mine  were so low. I was  nearly  kept  in hospital if they  r low  they will make  u feel even more  rubbish 

Thanks for your replies :)) 

I was in the hospital all morning for cisplatin and rt. Now only 1 cisplatin and 6 rt left .

To boast myself I started to plan things for the time after treatment ended like swimming , yoga , brunches with friends ...

Hope it will never recur and this will be the end of this horrible story ....

Definitely plan things to keep yourself busy.

I did a lot of walking. I wish now I would've used my time off work to do something more interesting. Maybe visit art galleries and museums.

Stick with it :-) You'll be glad you did :-)

I had pretty much the same treatment a bit over five years ago and am now as fit and healthy as can be. Your fatigue is just temporary, you'll bounce back, don't you worry :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hiiiii ,

5 rt and 1 more cisplatin to go !!!!!! 

What then ? What then ? There comes the anxiety of waiting ...

Am i wrong ? Can life be the same as before diagnosis ?

I was having difficulty breathing for the last few days. My doc requested a a chest x ray.  Everything is okey , there is no problem.what the doc saw the x ray she told she was not expecting something bad.  Than why did she requested one as x rays are harmful also.

Anyway , i am really depressed and on the edge of crying all the time.

I am tired of the all the things happen in the last 3 months ( diagnosis / surgery / waiting / chemo / rt ... everthing ) and afraid of the coming period, what if if there is a reoccuraance....

What shall i do to be happy and relaxed again ?

Life does go back to normal,  just with ano occasional worry but there's usually something to worry about isn't there.

The dr would have ordered an x ray just to be on the safe side x

What shall you do to be happy and relaxed again? Let your body heal and pick up your life again.  I did. One or two things need to be altered but just get on, live like it's not happened x