Sometimes BAD symptoms don't mean bad results :)

I've spent the last month reading everything I could (thank goodness I found this site where the info is a little more measured!) Google Doctor is NOOOOOOOO good!


Every story i read (with symptoms like mine or less!) turned out to be CC. So I just wanted to post here today after getting my results to show newbies researching & waiting for results, sometimes scary symptoms will turn out to be nothing scary at all!!

My history;

I'm 42yrs with 3 children, youngest 12 (got pregnant about 6 months after cone biopsy for anyone worried about having more babies after this treatment)

13 years ago, abnormal smear, cone biopsy - hvp, CNII. Clear margins, yearly smears.

Fast forward to 2013

Started having abnormal spotting for 4-5 months. Went to Dr, she performed smear said she said blood on cervix sent me for an ultrasound same day - that came back clear, so did my smear.

Still spotting - few weeks later I see gyno. She wants to examine me, says she won't see anything as my smear was clear. 2 patches turned white & she said i had a cervical ulcer (googled that and read it's aggressive and it's probably spread waaaaah) She was quite surprised and said I would have D&C, colposcopy, Hysteroscopy and will do at least 3 biopsies (under GA).


My discharge notes said "Thick Ednometrium noted" (google that and it's sounds like Uterine Cancer)


This was all only one week ago and today I saw my GP who read me the results (thank goodness I don't have to wait till my Gyno appt on the 9th may) and she said NO abnormalities were found, no HVP, no abmormal cells.... nothing except some endometriosis in the D&C and on the Cervix (never had any symptoms of endometriosis in my life!).


I can't believe it. I know a lot of ladies on here don't get good news, please don't think I am dismissing anything or anyone I just wanted to share this as a lot of the stories I have read don't have an outcome or if they do it's results we are all fearing at the time.


Best of luck to everyone, this is an amazing site full of amazing women.


Thanks Kat and congratulations on your happy outcome.

A lot of us are always telling scared ladies that there are lots of things other than CC that can cause similar symptoms so it's great to have some concrete examples.

hope you never need to come here again! Xxx