Something has just come out following lletz, is this normal??

Hi, as it's a Sunday I can't get in touch with my gp so I wanted to ask a question to you ladies b4 I rush off to hospital. I've just been to the toilet and a lump the length of my little finger and slightly fatter of jelly like meaty stuff came out. I fished it out the toilet and almost threw up when I saw it. I'm in no pain and not excessively bleeding but I wasn't told to expect this. Has anyone else had something like this happen as I'm seriously worried now!! X

I had that after my cone and phoned the hospital in a panic but was told that it was normal and was a gauze that they leave on the wound which soaks up blood and other fluids and then gravity makes it fall out. Frightened the life out of me At the time! Definitely worth checking with someone though just to be on the safe side x