Something different

I have previously had colposcopy, biopsy's & Lletz, it's still showing abnormal cells & my consultant now wants to do another colposcopy & mentioned something about a brush/broom?! Apparently it goes further into the cervix but I can't find any information on this. Anyone else had it done? It's next week & I'm starting to worry about it now. 

I found the first colposcopy really unpleasent (I know these things are never nice!) but just wanted to see how the next one might be. 

Any advice would be great. 



I’m sorry you have all this worry. I’ve always found colposcopies unpleasant so understand your feelings about it.

I know there is something (maybe a brush?) they can use to take a sample from deeper within the cervical canal which leads up to the womb. Most biopsies (and the smear sample) are taken from the area called the transformation zone which is at the neck of this canal, as this is where abnormalities are most likely to appear. I’ve never had this done myself, but hopefully a lady who has will come along and reply too. I’d guess they’d use a local anaesthetic before doing it? Otherwise it would be pretty much the same in terms of same position etc I’d imagine?

Hope your appointment goes ok next week, take care x