Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic


Hi all!


Now a couple of months back when I was going through the treatment for CIN3 I searched for videos to show my husband and stumbled upon this movie called, ‘Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic’. I had to pre-register for the movie and it came out early a couple of days back. It costs $10 to buy or I just rented it for $3.99 for 3 days. It tells the story of 5 ladies and their families who have been or are being treated for cervical cancer. I don’t know what forum to post this in so I just posted it in my home ground.


The movie is pretty sad but uplifting also and I would say a perfect tool to share with friends as a wakeup call that they must  get their PAP Smears done and with a strong message that HPV is not a consequence of promiscuous behaviour. I hope it  helps out someone on here. I would also like to hear what others thought of the film. I think I was expecting something different.



Sorry I realised I should have said it streams off of their website. I am sure a simple websearch would get the site.