Someone please know

Hello I had my first smear in November came back bad

had biopsy came back CIN3 so had to have Lettz op last week

i got called in 6 days later (today) and was told I have cancer but have to wait for an MRI to see what stage etc.... I was wondering why can't they tell me thenstage of my cancer 

through the LLETTZ, in really scared that they think it's spread and won't tell me before MRI 

or I might just be paranoid I don't know I'm going out of my mind 

can anyone please help me answer this 

Did anyone get the stage of their cancer from letz or did you have to wait for MRI x

Hi Pab123,

I'm sorry about your recent diagnosis. An MRI is normal procedure to stage your cancer, in some cases an examination under anesthetic can be required, if like in my case Your borderline (I was between 2A/2B) once all of that is done they will then decide your treatment plan.

Good luck and if you need help with anything else just ask :-)

Hi pab,

This I know only too well is the very scariest part of the whole journey. At the LLETZ they can only see so far whereas an MRI scan can see throughout your whole body. By far and away most people having an MRI scan find to their great relief that their cancer has not spread around their body at all, but it is necessary for the doctors to check that first before they can work out your treatment plan.

Hold onto your hat, this is indeed the Roller-Coaster that gets mentioned quite often on this forum. They won't hang around, it should be really quite quick before you get your scan and then your results but time feels like it has slowed down a lot.

We are all here to support you through this scariest of times and hope to be celebrating with you very soon that it hasn't spread and that your treatment will be minimal.

Be lucky



Thanks guys I'm going private for the scan as NHS has said I'll have to wait 3 weeks or more for MRI 

and I can't wait that long, is rater know what I'm dealing with ASAP so should get the scan in this week maybe today

They've said it's so rare for me as I'm only 23 if it's spread everywhere I don't think I could cope 

Hi pab,

i had just turned 24 when I was diagnosed it was a huge shock. I was stage 2b and was treated with chemo radiation and brachytherapy, I am coming up for nearly 2 years since I was diagnosed and so far there have been a few bumps but I'm in remission. I know quite a few girls around our age that have been diagnosed so I really don't think it is as rare as they make out it is. 

Laura x

Hi Pab

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Good luck with your scan, hope you get the results back really soon and can get on with knowing a treatment plan to move forward with

Big hugs



Just got a phone call from spire they can do my scan on Tuesday and I will know on Wednesday the results so fingers crossed it's not spread anywhere and then thwy an just get rid of it 


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I dont blame you for wanting to go private and get on with it as waiting for appointments is horrible. Try not to worry too much, its great that you are on the radar now and being seen to. You might have a bit of a journey ahead so keep calm and try to stay as positive as possible. I wish you a speedy diagnosis and treatment. Let us know how you get on and dont be afraid to ask questions


MRI is perfectly normal, and is used in most cancers.  It not only shows whether the cancer has penetrated the wall of the cervix, but also the size of the tumour.  I was 1b2 because it had not penetrated the wall, but was over 4cm in size, thus a b2.  I had a smear 5 weeks before my diagnoses that came back, all ok.  Therefore it had not been picked up earlier.

I'm really positive about it I honestly think they've picked 

it up early and can treat it... The more I read on her the better I feel about my situation

itsnthe most curible cancer so that's a big refleif... MRI Tuesday to hopefully confm the good news :)

To top it all off I have a stinking flu after the day of my diagnosise with CC so currently fettong over that too they can't be linked 

everyone I'm closed to has got it

Hi again pab,

I have never ever heard of cancer having flu-like symptoms. I think we can definitely write that one off as a bug you may well have picked up in a hospital waiting room. I just wanted to add how great it is hearing you sound so positive. Get those gloves on and punch it's nose!

Be lucky 


Thank you Tivoli this site has made feel so postive about it all, hearing all your stories

of success has really give me the strength I need

The success and survival rate of this cancer is so encouraging and a relief

i will let you know Wednesday my results :) 

xxx pab

Hi, Just want to wish you all the best of luck with your staging and journey. Doctors can only guess staging without MRI so they dont want to give you false info. I was guessed at 2A/1B and it came back 1B2.

Well done for looking into going private, how much is it costing if you dont mind me asking? I had a smear done March 2014 due to symptoms when i was 27yrs old, but came back normal. After months of hormones and wrong tests i finally saw a specialist but i wish i had the sense to go private for testing xx

Heya Tara I boy went private for the MRI which I had today, it was petty reasonable to be honest

cost 299 pound for 2 areas they scanned my kidneys down to my cervix 

hated the MRI tho was very clostraphobic, you can ring tho or go online for prices 

as long as you can have a doctor refere you they'll do anything and it's really quick

nhs told me 3 weeks for my MRI scan abdthe spire did it within 5 days and made me feel really comfortable 



just got my fingers crossed for  results tomorrow 

Hey guys :D

well realist from MRI showed no cancer!! 

It was stage 1b but they got most of it out with the lettz surgery 

so I just need an op to get rid of the rest of it :D

so I'm going to be fine :) amazing news so anyone waiting for results don't stress too much

beacuse it's could be better than you think .... Going away to barbados next week then treatment when I'm back home

Thanks to everyone on this site you've been such a big help keeping me sane and I will donate to this site aswell :)

good luck to all xxxx

Hi Pab

That is great news! Have a wonderful holiday!


Hi Pab :-)

Brilliant news! Have a wonderful holiday and come back fighting fit!

Be lucky