Somebody to talk to....

Hey I have been on this fourm for around 13-14 months now... I came previously as i had cin3 results from a biopsy and then i fell pregnant ( boxing day drunken mistake not that i would change for the world )......  however...... i was speaking on here regular at the time.. but i had to shut off from everything as i went into early labour and had alot of problems and was constantly ill during pregnancy.. I had to shut Jos trust out of my mind and forget it was happening as i was so so close to breaking point.. however i had my lil boy  almost 9 pounds at 27th sept... and now its been my first check since they wanted to do treatment there and then.. but couldnt so i have to wait to go back under GA.. for treatment.. but on the screen my cervix looked ALOT worse than it did through out the rest of the times i saw it??.. why are they not in a rush?   I can not speak to my partner as he is useless when it comes to things like this as he just waits for me to go off on one for holding it in.. i dont have anybody personally to talk to.. ive held it in for so long these past 2 weeks ive been so so close to breaking point but held it together last night i didnt sleep at all.. and today and afterwards i feel i just need sombody.. i can not go on any longer with out anybody to speak to... 

Oh sweetie, what a lot you've had to deal with. You are probably completely exhausted on top of everything else, with a newborn. Do you have a date for your treatment yet? 

Big hugs,

Molly xxx

not yet  i  went today and i was told to await a letter on way out it said  ................      4 weeks either side for any ops..


in short spec.......... so i feel bad either way 

Try not to panic, you will presumably have a lletz treatment, which is very straightforwrd and the recovery time is not long. I totally understand how worrying this is, but the docs know what they are doing and will take care of you. Lots of,us on here had general anesthetic for our lletz, and found it to be a good thing.

try to get lots of rest, and focus on taking care of yourself and your wee man.


Molly xx

Hi Sioux,

Believe me when I say that when they need to rush, they do. If they are not rushing it's very likely that things aren't quite as bad as you fear they may be. Try to take comfort from the fact that they have asked you to wait. No blue flashing light is normally a good sign :-)

Big hugs


Thank you ladies. Well they phoned me thursday and got me in friday for pre-op and they have booked me in for 22nd dec, so close to christmas what a pain in the bum but atleast it get's it done don't it!? Im pooping myself lol i know loads of women have it, just didnt realise i still had a fear of going GA so it's stressing me out, they took me for an ecg and gave me some tablets to take night before, seem's straight forward i guess, i'm such a wuss lol. 

Atleast i have the kids to keep me busy x x