Some women cleared their hpv but what happens when you want sex with your partner?

Don’t know if anyones wondered this but have noticed allot of women clearing their hpv after lletz treatment and such.


What happens when you have sex with your partner? Surely you just get infected again!

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I am one of those - just had the results back from my 6 month smear and there are no abnormal cells and no HPV either. I believe that the theory is that the LLETZ treatment usually kick starts your own immune system so that it fights off the HPV. On this basis I assume that if it encounters HPV again, from your partner, it fights it off again.

My LLETZ treatment was 6 months ago and I can assure that mr Moggsy and I have not been abstaining since then ;-)

Seems that constant reinfection is not a problem on  that  basis!!

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Thank you huni :) x x x x