Some reassurance

Hi folks,

It's completely understandable that we only post when we are going through trying times. People who have had issues and been successfully treated are getting on with their lives... and quite rightly so.

But to offer some reassurance my story is that back in Dec 2003 I had LLETZ treatment for CIN III. All smears were clear until June 2015 when a small area of CIN III was again treated with LLETZ.

My follow up colposcopy in November 2015 showed no concern and my smear was normal and HPV negative. Back to 3 yearly smears.

I've just had my result and am pleased to say all is normal .... see you in 3 years.

I just wanted to post this to offer reassurance. Also, there was a poster called Moggsy who was going through this the same thing I was back in 2015 .... I hope she is doing fine and this offers some comfort as her 3 yearly smear will be looming.

Much love & peace,

Peanut Innocent

Thanks for this post as it some what reassures me I have my Coloscopy on Thursday and I am terrified I have health anxiety  making this 10 x worse 

 can I ask what the results of your smear were ? mine are borderline with positive HPV