SOme help and ADvice


I am new here so apologies if this appears on the board twice

Went to my GP who carried out an internal as my periods have been irregular for a while, and she found that all does not seen right with my cervix, she got a colleague to come in for a second opinion, and they took some swabs, they also did my smear test as it has been a while since I last had one.  They have sent a referral to the consultant for further test which has as you can imaging put my head into a spin   Since the appointment I have gone through a mixture of emotions and asking myself some questions.  Thankfully my partner is being supportive he was the one who found Jos trust


So questions I have

What will my initial appointment involve

Will they do any treatment

What can I expect afterward

Will this affect my relationship with hubby

And the biggest one being WHY ME !!!!


So tips advice and friendly banter would be appreciated  will update when I get my appointment date but for now I will try my best not to worry



Hello, I havent too much advice apart from stay positive.

Im currently going through a similar experience, during my first ever routine smear they found cervical ectropion aswell as a lump on the cervix. I seen a doctor for a second opinion and im also waiting for a colposcopy appointment which I can imagine is what you will be attending also. Im not really sure myself but from what ive read it will be a more indepth look at your cervix, they may take a biopsy & they can sometimes perform treatments while you are there.

Its been a whirlwind and lets just say i have honestly been through every emotion. Ive been feeling better the past few days, however have literally scoured the internet (which hasnt helped). You have every right to feel however you do, its only natural.

I wish you the very best for your appointment & feel free to message if you ever need a chat xx

I'm feeling a bit less apprehensive about it now,   irnoy was when I got home from the GP that day I had a letter inviting me for a smear...  fate perhaps.

Like you I have scoured the internet looked at all the doom and gloom as well as the positives and now Im just waiting for the call....  Thats the worse part as I just want to know what is going on with my body....

Definately does sound like fate! I completely understand were your coming from. Its been 10 days since my lump was found and i am so calm now. My emotions have definately been a rollercoaster, from complete upset and devastation to anger that my body has failed me and hasnt let on of any goings on. I have 0 symptoms apart from this lump which i have had no idea about. 

Ive got my colposcopy or as i have been saying colonoscopy which is the completely wrong area on wednesday. Im glad i can finally find out whats going on and take whatever steps needed. You will have to let me know when you find out when your appointment is and how you get on x

Just had a call from the Hospital im booked in for an internal scan tommorow morning... hopefully all will be ok


Also now got date for hospital as well 5th April

Good luck at your appointments. X

Internal scan was carried out yesterday, no obvious signs of any tumours or abnormalities which was a bit oa a relief as that was my biggest fear if they found something, Gyne appointment on 5th April 

Hello, that's great news! I hope your next appointment goes well.

I had my colposcopy appointment last wednesday and was able to see what the doctor had seen on my cervix. I had 3 punch biopsies taken. So im currently waiting for both my smear and biopsy results. I feel alot better than i did before knowing ive been and whatever is found will be dealt with. 


Fingers crossed it will be good news

My appointment is later today feeling apprehensive again....

saw teh consultant yesterday( Smear test results have not come back yet)

He carried out another internal and has said it appears that some on my womb tissue is growing over the cervix which is why it appears odd..  He has said he does not think it is cancer but has referred me for a Colposcopy just to be sure....  Feeling less stressed then I did so will just see what happens next

Thats brilliant new, i have somehow managed to put everything to the back of my mind since my colposcopy. I think itd a relief when you know you've been seen. Its been just over 3 weeks since my smear (no results) and just over 1 week since my biopsys (no results either).

I did however recieve a copy of the letter the colposcopy consultant sent to my gp which mentioned faint white changes and 2 hyperkeratotic patches which i cant find too much about but i believe it may be precancerous from what I did find. Not 100% sure though. I wish they'd explain it more in simpler terms so i didnt have to google it haha.

I think the further you go and the more tests, weirdly the more calm you become.

Speak soon x

Update time

Starting to feel as though all my diginty has gone , feel like everyone and his uncle have been in my most intimate areas.

Received letter from Hospital with Colposcopy date this is 9th May also smear tests have come back need to have a repeat smear in june as this one was inconclusive...

When will this end  when will I have answeres,  a close friend has advised that I just take it a day at the time but my mind races of and its starting to get me down, feel sorry for hubby as well as being close and intimate at the moment is far from my mind