Some advise needed please

Hi and sorry in advance if this is very long winded, i need some advise if anybody can help? After 4 years of suffering from kidney infections and many visits back and forth to the drs and antibiotics it was discovered last year that i had cervical cancer. I had a radical hysterectomy on July 26th 2011 and all went well. In January this year I started getting kidney infections again, i had a CT scan in February and all was clear. Since then I have had several infections again, after constantly back and forth again to the dr, the decided a urogolgist needed to give me a cystoscopy, which showed i had a chronic bladder infection. Was treated with anitbiotics and told to take one a day to prevent it coming back, that was 2 months ago, 4 weeks into the tablets i started getting like a period pain which gradually got worse, and by 2 weeks ago the pain in my lower stomach was awful and had spread to my kidneys. I went back to the dr who gave me a large dose of different antibiotics for a week and took a urine sample. I took the week off work because of the pain and because i was exhausted and could not stay awake. I went back to the dr 5 days later as no improvement and they gave me tramadol which makes me sick. the dr phoned me yesterday and said my urine sample had been clear but wants me to stay on 1 a day of these other antibiotics for the forseable future. Nothing is improving and i don't see the point in antibiotics if there is no infection, the pain is horrendous and i am so exhausted. I have gone back to work ( work part time) but it's too much and can't cope with the pain i just don't know what to do and the GP doesn't seem bothered. Any help would be appreciated....don't want to be paranoid but all sorts are going through my head.

What about giving your nurse specialist a call? Maybe she could give some advice or get your consultant to refer you onto someone. It sounds like you have been in a lot of pain for a long time which must be awful x

Hi Toca,

Thanks for your reply, yes it seems to have been going on for ages and is just too much now. did think about ringing the specialist nurse but didn't want to bother them, the gp makes me feel like I am wasting their time x


Sounds like you have been having an awful time of it.  Is there a different GP you can see at your surgery?  I don't think you should be suffering in pain like this.  Be persistent, remember you are important and will not be wasting anyone's time. After all thats what GP's are there for.  Good luck x


I rang my specialist nurse this morning, she rang me back and am going to see the consultant this afternoon so fingers crossed x

Thats good to hear - hope you got on ok? x

I'm so glad you rang the nurse specialist. I hope you got on okay at your appointment x

Hi Guys,

Specialist was great, have to go for a CT scan as there seems to be a fullness on my left side?? He told me he will get it arranged asap, should I be worried?