Some advice really needed :) new !! Please help

Hello everyone would love some advice I'm 22 years old and have 2 children currently been suffering with irregular periods and pain during sex I went to my gp about this , they done swobs and bloods everything come back clear apart from my iron being really low they told me this would be due to the irregular bleeding , she also transferred me to a gyno I had that appointment and the man took 4 biopsy , when I looked at the screen after he sprayed it with the acid my hole cervix was white , after I got changed he asked me about treatment I said lazor as my family has had that ... 8 days later my gp hasn't even been notified I attended and don't know anything I called through to the hospital today to see what was happening the lady I spoke to (secretary) told me I have nothing to worry about I might not need treatment and they rarely do lazor , I said so results are back then she told me no "/ I'm just so confused I don't know if I'm coming or going being told one thing then another would love some reassurance and maybe anyone been in this situation Stace xx

Hi stace 

not sure if this will put your mind at rest or not but I had loads of symptoms and gp examined me and sent me urgently to gyno.  They took one look and said I had cancer and things moved super quickly after that.  What I'm trying to say (prob badly) is that when something is obviously wrong things move very fast so hopefully that will put ur mind at rest a bit.

what I would say though is keep pushing for answers, I got messed about by my GP in the first place and pushed and pushed and because of that I got seen sooner and hopefully that will help my situation. I found that calling the consultants secetery helped me and she was really nice.  Ps I ended up turning up four days early for my gyno appointment and spoke to the ladies who ended up fitting me in. Keep pushing hard for the answers as its your health and the worry will be upsetting you, but hopefully it wI'll be fine. 




Stacey I would echo what Kimmy said, it is fine to call back and ask again for timescales or better still for the person who did your colposcopy to call you back. Or ask your GP to chase it for you if you think that would be better. My biopsy results took 4 weeks to come back. I felt they had been very busy and were struggling to get results back by the 4 week guideline. I expect the secretary is just thinking that your results are being processed along with everyone else's, it's just a slow system.

My GP said that the most important thing is to stay in the driving seat - stay in control and if you need anything ask for it. You need to know the next step and I hope you will find someone to give you an answer soon, the not-knowing is hard. 

Best wishes!

Hello , thank you so much for replying back to me !!

I’m trying to stay positive I think it’s more the wait and gyno man saying treatment for 21 of this month and his secatary saying you might not even have treatment and I’m more than likely fine , I have spoken to my gp he has started to chase things up for me which is great

I have googled so much and now I’m terrified in all cases can the gyno see cancer and a biopsy just confirms it ?
I know my cervix is all white because It was on the screen to the right of me so I know something wrong if that makes sence
If I’m not having treatment for the 21 would I be just having my results back would you think ? my gyno man hardly spoke and the things he did say I didn’t know what they meant "/ I just wanted to get out of there because I was so embarrassed as was on a period at the same time
Sorry I have bombarded with questions
Stace xx

LETZ is that a loop procedure ? The secatary said if I do have treatment it would be that 

Hey stacey

im not sure about the questions you have as my experience was different to yours.  Where are you based? I'm in Scotland so my colposcopy was done at the women's day clinic.  In my case  they told me there and then they were confident I had cancer and that my tests would be booked prior to the biopsy results being waited for.

i am a very anxious person so called the women's day clinic a few times and they were always happy to speak with me.  Could you write down your questions and concerns and either go to where your procedure was done or call them back explaining your confused and worried.

personally speaking I would take a friend or get a friend to listen in on the call as I always fret and forget stuff.


i know this hasn't been the most helpful but I speak from experience when I say persistence works.  It's a lovely bunch of people on the site and I know some ladies with more experience of this will get back to you.


ps Google is not ur friend it made me a emotional wreck.  I would stick with this site and the McMillan one as it gives you facts and support without scaring u.



Hey kimmy
Ahh yes really different , I was transferred to hospital in Lincolnshire
You sound very like me I can’t hold my self together waiting it’s been 8 days now I feel like ripping my hair out , but I will Defoe right some questions down try and give them a ring hopefully the secretary is nice to me this time haha thank you for all of your support and Defo agree no more googling !!
Hope you are okay ?!