Some advice please can't sleep so worried

Hi I had my lletz done in june waited an age for results n missed julys mdt meeting so had to wait till end of August so my follow up was booked in sept I know they found high grade cgin and I still have cin3 but I got a letter telling me to come early and have to go in on Thursday(tomorrow) I am so worried I'm still awake at this daft time not really got anyone to talk to 


i did go see my doctor when I got the results and she said they prob strongly advicee to have a rad hyst tried to put this to back of my mind but I really do not want this op all my family keep saying just have it done get it all out the way but its not them having it done and when I had my lletz they was not much support around the home I had to ask my friend to come and help me 


i actually feel little better getting it out lol just want to sleep arh thanks in advance x


I can't really help with regards to your treatment options but I'd say that you got to think about you & what's right for you! Think about it practically & emotionally. 
How's it going now?
Hope your feeling better
Frankie xx