Soft biopsy?

So I discovered there is an option for a “soft” biopsy during colposcopy and am wondering if people have heard of this? I had a pap that was abnormal, and since just over 40 said I had to do colposcopy and biopsy - regardless of if they saw lesions. which I though was weird? Why not re-pap?


Anyway I was terrified of the surgical biopsy’s and did research - there are “brushes” that do cervical and endo-cervix biopsies - they are as accurate according to studies. So it took me forever to track someone down who does but he told me it’s covered by insurance and works. I asked why anyone would do the other and he said because doctors are used to using the forceps or punch. This is absurd to me. Until I found out they use the forceps over again so it saves money where as brushes are one time -  but they cost like 5 bucks! Women’s health seems so not compassionate - no man would be asked to have a “snip” of skin - forget about the fact it’s internal- without pain control. Anyway my rant. But I just had colpol and soft biopsy and it was like a pap. No bleeding or cramping. i had to have the clinic order it ps but confused. Seems ideal but also want to know if anyone knows about this?!?

My understanding is paps only detect if there are any abnormal changes and which grade they’re at, but not to its extent with the naked eye. Colposcopies are more accurate than paps, where the colposcopist can see the extent of the infection on the surface of the cervix after applying the solution, but not how deep it may be. Biopsies, LLETZs, etc. are much more accurate, when determining the infection and its depth and whether further treatment is need. I had no ‘lesions’ on my cervix, but after 2 LLETZs, it was discovered the CIN3 was quite deep and without a satisfactory deep enough margin, I’m having a hysterectomy as a precaution. So not having any ‘lesions’ doesn’t mean another pap would suffice. I dont think it would be wise to wait until you have any lesions before seeking further investigations or treatment. The aim of the pap is to detect precancerous cells before it may become sinister.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘soft’ biopsies, but I presume that they maybe equivalent to our ‘punch‘ biopsies. If your not satisfied how you’re being managed, are you able to chat to your normal doctor?