So worried

Hi everyone, sorry to post again i just have so many things whirling round my head at the moment.

Bit of background - i went to the doctors with alot of strange symptoms that ive been having for about 8 months that have gradually got worse, really watery brown discharge, alot of pelvis pain and bleeding after sex. The gp had a look and seen a growth on my cervix, his facial expression did not look good (this is probably me reading into things though) he also took swabs which came back today as no infection found (so this has me even more worried as this would have explained the discharge etc) im in so much pain im taking codine daily!

Dont know why im writing all this really, suppose it just makes it abit more easier writing it down!?

Has anyone been in a similer situation with the “growth” and the fact theres no infection been found?

Any replies wiuld be greatly appreciated im just constantly thinking the worse

Thank you xxx

Sorry forgot to mention the gp has put in a urgent referral for a colposcopy also  xx

Hey Rubyes

Im going through a similar situation at the moment... got referred for urgent colposcopy as growth on cervix and some symptoms... i had my colposcopy last week and had biopsy taken and have been referred for ultrasound which i am waiting for.  

The waiting sure is difficult . . And like, you my gp and the colposcopist didnt give me any idea of what the lump is... which just makes me worry... i keep googling things and scary stuff does come up however reading some of the posts on here does make me think that it is quite rare so that gives me hope.  

I do hope that your results come back clear... please let us know how you get on.


Hi sunshinesmile, thank you for your reply. I just can't get it out of my head, I keep telling myself not to think about it but it's so hard not too? 

As horrid as it sounds it's comforting to know there's other people experiencing the same (even though it's a awful situation to be in). 

I agree about googling things it's the worse thing I did! It's a strange feeling though as I don't really have anyone to talk to to, or everyone keeps saying "oh you will be fine" which grates on me as yes i may well be but it's not what I need to hear right now.

I hope your results come back clear, please keep me updated xx


This happened to me November last year! I had hjad heavy periods and pain and a watery brown discharge or weeks. Doctor gave me anti biotics and sent me home!!!

I went for a smear test and the nurse handled the situation really badly! said she was going to get a doctor which sent me into panic mode straight away. When the doctor came in she took a look and did not do the smear she gave me a hug and told me she had seen an abnormality. Obviously you panic like crazy think the worse. Kick my self foer leaving having a smear for 10 years. I was told they were making an emergency referel for me and to go home and have a cup of tea!!! Really !!! My daughter was 18 months and they told me to vgo home and have a cup of ta. The nedxt few days were a blurd I planned my babies futures without me the works. My appointment came for 18 days later!! I couldnt wait this long so went private 3 days later. 

I had a complete melt down on the doctor. She took a look and saw it was a fibroid which had pushedthrough the wall of my womb. 

I was admitted to my local hospital and it was removed the following day. The relief was enormous and thse are fairly common. xxx

Hi just wanted to reply, my situation is a bit different but i understand the worry! Iv had unexplained bleeding for 7 weeks straight now (on mini pill 3 years no periods) im also having pelvic and bk pain plus weight loss, swabs all normal but gp wanted me seen urgent at gynae (long history of Problems which started 2003) so i had my appointment wednesday at a diff hospital to the one iv been under 11 years, i got there and it was a gynae/oncology with posters everywhere about cancer! Needless to say i freaked out! I had a colposcopy which looked normal but i had some biopsies of womb lining and i think endocervical, i have had an appointment this morning for tuesday for an urgent ultrasound, was told biopsy results would be 4-6 wks! I totally understand ur worry cus i am freaking out myself,i am a single mum to two children who have disabilities/behaviour problems and no family support so feel alone, i will keep everything crossed that u get good results and feel free to msg me anytime! Xxx

Thank so much for your replies.

Its much easier to talk to others that understand, my partner is supportive but doesn't really get the fact that im so stressed out about it all.

I am starting to feel so so stupid for not going to the doctors earlier its been 8 months this has been going on now. Just have the dreaded feeling if that makes sense?? 

Im off work this week aswell so I've got no distractions just left with my own thoughts.

Please keep me updated, i am hoping to find out more at my colposcopy appointment xx

Hi rubyes just wondered if you had your colposcopy yet? If so how did you get on? Hope it wasnt to uncomfortsble for you xx

Hi jody83, no not yet, I've not even got an appointment through yet?! It worries me because I've been referred straight from the doctor and not by an abnormal smear? Im definitely going back to the doctors this week as im bleeding so much and in a imense amount of pain. Im starting to stuggle at work and the last thing i need is time off! 

Hope your doing okay aswell, thank you for asking xxx

I maybe writing to myself here but I've managed to get an appointment at the doctors later to find out whats going on. I'm still bleeding and in lots of pain with it, I've still not had an appointment through either which is really stressing me out. The fact that the doctor has seen something on my cervix but nobody is doing anything about it is really getting to me now. 

I know i sound such a moaner theres people on here going through alot worse than me! 

I am just so tired which i think is because I'm bleeding so much? 

Argh wish this whole process would hurry! Its true its all the waiting that gets to you! Sorry for ranting girls xx

Hi rubyes

How are you getting on, have you managed to get an appointment yet? The waiting is def the worst part... im still waiting for biopsy results (3 weeks today that they took it)...i have chased the hospital a few times and they havent had them back yet.  Have ultrasound on monday so hoping to find out more then.  

It is so frustrating knowing there is something wrong and nothing is happening.... i really hope you get some answers soon xx

Hiya sunshinesmile, Still no appointment, i went back to the doctors last week to find out whats going on and turns out the doctor had no finished the referral! Made me so angry as im sat here still wondering what this growth is! So he did the referral whilst i was there and now im waiting for the hospital to get in touch, I've got to be seen before next Thursday though as its under the "two week wait". The waiting is excruciating! I hope you get your results soon!! Xx

Well finally got my appointment by phone call today and its on the 8th, feel so relieved that i finally have an appointment, even though its only been a few week since i went to see the gp it feels like years!!! Just hope im not bleeding too bad on tuesday for the colposcopy xx