so worried and feel like I'm going crazy

Hi everyone I  new here and just need to let out some worries. I had a smear 3 weeks ago it came back abnormal, how abnormal I have no idea anyways I went for a colsocopy on Wednesday the doctor or nurses never reassured me that it was nothing to worry about I ended up having to have a cone biopsy there s he said the cells are in my cervical canal and then he also took away the cells that was on the outside of my cervix I could see the cells and my cervix was all white and I also had a red dot/blood mark.  The doctor never told me what grade cin he thought I had and just said I would get the results of my biopsy in 4 weeks. I'm so worried as the last few months I have had really bad back ache  horrible pelvic pain pains shooting down my leg and tiredness.  I'm 25 x