So worried about Cervical cancer,aged 23!

Hi, I really need some reassurance. My periods have never been regular, I often miss periods. However, last month I had a bleed which was really light and looked like old blood and didnt contain fresh blood. This lasted a week. 10 days later I started having brown/pink discharge. This is still going on now 2 weeks later. I also suffer from cramping/pelvic pain. Since having my son 2 years ago I have intermittently suffered from Sciatica type symptoms. I am now worried that these symptoms are all linked and something is pressing on my sciatic nerve to cause the pain! I went to GP who refused a smear due to my age but offered swabs to test for infection. I had these done and I bled during the exam. I am not due to see the doctor until a couple of days time. What could I be suffering from? Is it likely I have cervical cancer? Also, I received the vaccination when I was 13 so I’m holding on to that fact, although I know it’s not 100%. I have been referred to gynae last year due to spotting however he said It was down to the pill. I stopped taking the pill a year ago so it’s definitely not that. I haven’t had spotting since and this is the first incident since then. I also had ultrasound and things appeared ok. Please can somebody offer some reassurance?

Have the same girl. You should pay privately for your smear i did. Is there any way yout pregnant?