So worried about biopsy results

hi! I have posted on here for support with my earlier concerns and received some very supportive messages so am back in the hopes of getting some reassurance!. I had my colposcopy appointment 3 weeks ago and had biopsies taken from 2 areas. The results came back cin 2 and 3 last week so I got an appointment for lletz 2 weeks later. I am beyond terrified!! Not if the procedure so much but that they will find that it is worse than that and I have the dreaded c word!!. I can't sleep, eat or concentrate on anything. Google is driving me insane with the scarey things my searches take me to. So I'm back here to hopefully hear from real ladies who have been through this. I'm a single mum to a 13 year old boy and he can tell something's bothering me so I really need to calm down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!. X

STOP GOOGLING. It is extremely dangerous!!

as I said in my last post to u, try not to worry x it gets u no where, as I'm sure u know. You're right, ur son will know ur not right and u need to be calm for him. He mustn't worry too, especially when u don't know u have anything to worry about!!  My personal situation isn't going to help u feel better so hopefully some other ladies who had similar results to you and a happy ending will be reading and be able to give u some helpful thoughts. Thing is, a lot of people come on here for colposcopy advice, don't need to go any further then, obviously, get on with life and don't return here. Very few people continue, I've noticed, over the past couple of months Which is good news to you.

good luck. Keep busy xxx


Dons u are an amazing lady!!. I have read so many posts on here recently and you have offered so many women much needed support and advice!. Thank u for taking the time again to reply to me again. I'm finding I have good days and bad days but when they are bad they are really bad!!. I lost my mum to cancer aged 46 and that hit me very hard as can be expected. I just can't seem to think rationally about this!. I just keep thinking it's going to get me too!. I now all of a sudden am feeling twinges and pains in my stomach which may well be totally in my head, stress related or real. Today I rang the colposcopy nurse who did my biopsies and even she tried to reassure me, she did for all of two hours!!. I'm sorry to sound so weak when you and lots of other women have been or are in worse situations than me. Xxx

You're not weak. You've obviously watched someone close to u suffer so all sorts of things will go through your head. You must talk about how u are feeling though. The more I have talked over the past couple of months, the better I have felt so please do confide in friends.

you will self diagnose yourself because of all the little pains and aches u have. The same pains and aches you would ignore under normal circumstances. But these aren't normal circumstances. I had myself at stage 4 cc and was gonna die and not see my daughter grow! 

Be kind to urself, confide in people and keep busy. No googling x take care

Hi Shelley75,

I just had my first Loop Biopsy (or LLETZ) yesterday.

Rest assured I did exactly the same thing - I panicked, googled everything related to cervical cancer (pre and post) and even went as far as to watch a YouTube video of a Loop Biopsy the night before my op which was definitely the stupidest thing I did (do not do this) I have just bought a house with my parter and we have held off getting pregnant in order to respect our families wishes of us to be

married first, for me the biggest scare was not the op itself, it was:

A) The op not working

B) It working, but it having an effect on me having babies, something I very much want and have done for about 6 years now


I am in the result waiting stage so I cannot offer much post-op advice but what I can say is that it was not as bad as I expected,

the only thing i felt was the speculum and the local anaesthetic needle - I did not feel the Loop at all. The nurses were very kind and supportive and they made me feel as best as they possibley could.

Do not worry about something that has not happened yet, concentrate on one issue at a time - otherwise you will drive yourself

round the bend.


Tails xx