so when you thought it had gone

6 Month screening after Lletz for what turned out to only be cin 1, results back today and the cells are back :( gutted. Slightly complicated health history having had a liver transplant and on immunosuppresants, so I think that is to blame for hpv not taking a hike.  Waiting for colp nurse to ring me back Monday. And yet again it's happened before I'm due to go on holiday :(

Hi Stacey, sorry you've had to go through this. I'm in a similar situation, although it's been years since my LLETZ... it hasn't buggered off. Do not worry, CIN 1 is "nothing"... yes it can progress but that's generally very slow. I have some kind of autoimmune thing going on (lots of miscarriages and high antinuclear antibodies) I've also been on high dose steroids in the past.. so suspect that doesn't help!


They're watching you and you're on their radar. You are safe. Enjoy your holiday.


Space xxx