So unsure and worried

Ok so Friday 8th nov I had my results from my first smear I'm 24 saying I've got high grade dyskaryosis (no idea if this means severe !?) 
I had on the 11th nov treatment to remove the cells think it was loop incision he removed the area and scabbed it over. Now I'm left waiting for results what results am i waiting for? if it's been removed I don't understand and what can the worst scenario be from all this now if my cervix apart from that area that was removed was normal? What do i want to hear back ? and now it's removed do i still need to panic I have cancer or it's gone down through the tissues too far?  I've lost a lot of people through cancer recently and I really can't cope with the unknown and not knowing what's going on it's been unclear since I received my results to now and not knowing what I'm waiting for! I feel like I'm never going to know even after these results it's just going to worry me more then I'll have to wait till I have this 2nd smear in 6months time for it then to say it's still abnormal or something!! 
Sorry for sounding crazy.


I hope ur feeling okay after ur treatment. It sucks that you're so unsure and stressed. 

I've been through the treatment 3x so far, and can guarantee that the waiting is most definitely the worst part. 

When they take away the cells, they take a biopsy (usually), so basically the results are to let you know that they got all of the cells - hopefully. Then you move to 6 monthly smears. Occassionally there might be some cells left and some more treatment required, but each person's case is different. 

There's lots of useful information on the forum and past posts, try having a read through those to help you understand. Do not Google. 

Feel free to ask anyone questions too, everyones really supportive on here. 

I hope I've helped a little! 

S x

Thank you for your reply I actually didn't think anyone would reply to me :/ I know I just find not knowing what can be the worst result from having the area removed is and also how they judge that! Im abit of a control freak and I must admit having no information Or clue about this is actually driving me crazy! I noticed that u have recently had the same treaTrent as me but came back cells remaining what does this mean you just have to have a repeat treatment? I hope if all works out for you they say third time lucky!! Xx

Completely agree with Sam.

The results you are waiting for are to confirm what they found & that they have got it all. 

It is normal for a lot of clinics to offer treatment there & then at colposcopy (some women find the "there & then" bit frighening)

I was like you & my very first smear came back abnormal So I understand how scary it can be when it's your first & you know nothing about it all.

This group is great for asking alsort or you can look back through old posts for info. 

Hopefully your results won't take too long to come back & you can out your mind at ease. 

Youcan always ring the clinic too if you have questions or worried. 

Big hugs




try not to panic, easier said than done. Colposcopy and LLETZ (loop) is more common than you think. High grade changes/severe changes like you had are not cancer but can develop into cancer over time so are removed by the loop. The area removed is then sent to be analysed Where they can see if it is severe, if it is not severe and if they have got all the cells (if the area removed has got a clear margin all the way around) and worse case scenario (which happens rarely, as can be seen by the tonnes of colposcopy posts on here compared to newly diagnosed posts), if it has developed into cancer.

these are the results you are waiting for. Generally, the longer u wait for results, the better news they are. Also, anything "bad" or that gives concern will be dealt with ovr the phone and a face to face meeting.

so keep busy x and try not to worry.

Thankyou for your reply It is the not knowing and the possibility it could have spread to cancer it just seems everyday there is someone else I love getting cancer or dieing of cancer and now my mum partner and family are worrying about me it’s just too much am I being silly as it was high grade and been removed does this mean it has pretty much gone? If it is cancer am I likely to survive because apparently it’s not invasive anyway or there would be obvious signs! Xx

You won't know the answer to any of this until you get results.

i work in a small school with 6 of the ladies having had colposcopy es and 2 having had LLETZ twice for severe changes. I'm the only one to have had severe changes and it gone any further- also they all know other people who have had LLETZ s and yet I'm the only one they know who has gone on to have cc. It is rare. But u won't know until results.

my dr scared life out of me after smear results telling me I must go to colposcopy as severe changes and told me all about LLETZ, making me promise I would go so God only knows what the smear results showed!!! So I wasn't surprised to need LLETZ. Then after 2wks 3days I got a phone all to go to hospital for meeting with a consultant. That was all they said. So went to meeting 2days later and was told diagnosis. 

So there u have it. But looking at the daily posts on here, it rare for this to happen. Most people either never post again after their results or come on to say phew! 6 month check ups from now on.

so sorry u have to wait, it is the worst bit by far.

as for u saying about being invasive. As soon as diagnosed cc, it is considered invasive. CIN 1 2 3 are stage 0 and not invasive. Cc starts at stage 1a and is called invasive. Stage 1a can be treated with LLETZ sometimes or cone procedure under GA whilst 1b and 2a (and sometimes 1a) usually a hysterectomy. Read the sections on here and NHS website for more details. Don't google though and don't watch YouTube!

be patient xxx good luck!


The wait is horrible, just try to keep as busy as you can. The ladies have given you great advice!

For my second LLETZ the result was actually better than the biopsy (cin 1 and not cin 2)

So it can work either way!


Looking at it you’ve been through it though! In a way it’s positive as your treatment lletz worked well so when they send that biopsy away is that what they are looking for clear margins? If your margins was unclear what would be the next stage would it be more lletz? Xx thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Ok so i have had my results finally today in the post after 5wks of waiting I had to chase it up and the results have come back CIN3 with no evidence of cervical cancer or serious disease. I am very relieved obviously CIN 3 still isn’t great but hopefully all of the abnormal cells have been removed successfully during my colposcopy treatment. I wondered whether it is worth querying why I haven’t been told if the margins are clear Ect or whether I should just wait for my 6 month smear now? I don’t know if that is important if just seems everyone gets told and I haven’t.

Thank you

Lletz treatment 11/11/13
Diagnosed CIN3 16/12/13
Waiting for 6 month smear now to see if HPV virus is still present or my body has cleared it.

I had my lletz thursday..nurse said looked like cin 2/3 im now waiting on results..wondering if she right or cud she have missed something "/ x


thank you so much for putting up these posts. I have been losing my mind with worry

and this has eased it a bit . I came out of my lletz treatment for CIN2 feeling fine about the whole thing until i realised that

they will examine the sample and there may be news about this in a few weeks.

I'm am going to keep busy and hope for the best.