So tired!

hi ladies


i have been diagnosed with a 2b, will be starting treatment soon. i feel tired most of the time, to the point that my eyes sting, and I could sleep for hours! I am sleeping ok at night, so it's not down to sleepless nights. Just wondered if it was all part and parcel of all this


thanks for reading



There are so many emotions & feelings when dealing with cancer, non are right or wrong just listen to your body. Sorry you're going through this but you will get through it. I was diagnosed with 1A1 in April, all clear now & you will be soon too.

Take care

Clare xxx

Hi Tracy,

It's possible that you are suffering from a bit of reactive depression? Wanting to sleep through life can be a classic symptom of depression. As far as I am aware fatigue is not a symptom of 2b cervical cancer (I could be wrong) though it's a frequent symptom of the treatment. Have a chat with your nurse, you may be in need of a spot of counselling.

Be lucky :-)


Hi Tracy,

I've also been recently diagnosed cc 1b1 and am awaiting treatment, PET Scan on Wednesday.  I have felt so tired all weekend,  I think it's my body dealing with the shock of the diagnosis and preparing me for the treatment ahead, but admit I didn't know why I was suddenly feeling so tired.

Hope all goes smoothly and you are on the road to recovery soon,


Carol xxx

Thanks ladies

feeling a bit pissed off today, still not started my treatment, it just seems to go on for ever without getting anywhere, consultant told me last week, or advised me to tell my children, they are twins and are 8 tomorow, and even they can't understand why mummy isn't taking any medicine to make me better!!! Lol bless them. Am also worried it's all going to affect our holiday this year, that may sound selfish, but it's only to camber sands in Kent, about a 2 hour drive from where I live, and every week that goes past with nothing happening in now worrying about our holiday, I don't want to ruin it for the children :( sorry, feeling very peeved today, and can't seem to shake it 


thanks for the replies though ladies x

Hi, I too have a diagnosis of at least 2b, I say at least as 3b has also been mentioned.

Go don't know how long you have been waiting for treatment to start. I saw oncologist on 26th May and start treatment on 29th June. I believe there is often a reasonable wait due to the planning required for radiotherapy. I was given a rough idea of timings at initially oncology appointment so it may be worth asking.

Worrying about your holiday is not at all selfish. Life needs to go on as normally as possible especially for your children. I asked my oncologist about taking my holiday in September and was told to absolutely go.

I hope you get an idea of timescale very soon. Waiting is horrid.

All the best

Rachel xx

I don't know what stage I have yet, but since I've been told I have CC I have been tired and sleeping like a log. 

I think as Tivoli said, it's the emotional toll it takes and your body copes by sleeping.

you are not being selfish at all, the waiting totally sucks. I hope you get some answers soon xx