So sorry

feel so selfish to have my anxiety show on here! People are going through awful things and I'm moaning about what ifs! 


Im truly worried waiting my results. White patches were found after my nornal smear two years ago and I'm paranoid how long these cells have been there. Especially because I've been having symptoms. 


Heath anxiety is something I would never wish on anyone! You can times anyone's worries by a million and then you'd be where I am on a day of not waiting for any results! 


I I want to thank everyone for all there support and kime words and advice from people who are going through awful times.


my prayers and thoughts are with you all and hope you all get well! 


Much love marie xx

Hi Marie

Please don't apologise for being anxious. We are all here to help and support each other through a difficult time whatever the diagnosis happens to be. The stage you are at now is certainly the worst. Waiting for results felt like a life sentence for me and I'm sure the majority of others would agree with me.

Don't beat yourself up about your anxiety or offending anyone as I can assure you that is not the case. We are all here for you when you need it & you need it now.

Big hugs Rachel x

Hi Marie,

I'm really sorry to hear what a tough time you are having. Health anxiety must be a terrible thing, please don't add feeling guilty to that as well. This is exactly what this forum is here for. You just offload whatever, whenever and how much you want and we will all do our best to support you. You are not at all selfish. My anxiety levels are probably one millionth of yours and yet still they sometimes make me feel more nauseous than chemo ever did. I hope and pray that you get your results soon and that you react to them the way most of us do, which is that even if you are told that you do have cancer is better than not knowing, strange though that may seem.


Be lucky :-)