So sore and scared


I just had my Leetz today under ga and am feeling really sore and alittle uncomfortable, is this normal? Is it ok to go back and do all household things and return to work? Or better to rest?
Awaiting the results is a really scary time.

Adnormal smear -oct 16
Colposcopy - 03/11/16
Leetz under ga 29/11/16

Awaiting results.

Hi Tracy

I had mine under GA too, though I don't remember feeling very sore afterwards. I'd say don't do all of the household things just yet - it's better to avoid any heavy lifting until your body has had a chance to heal. I picked up a 10kg bag of cat litter a couple of days after mine and felt a 'tugging' sensation inside, at which pointed I decided it was better to get Mr M to do that sort of thing for a week or two.

Did they tell you to take painkillers for the first couple of days? They did me, just normal ones Ibuprofen and the like.

Hope you recover quickly


I also had a lletz yesterday, however under local rather than GA. I was very sore last night, and i'm having period like pains today which I guess is normal? I'm resting a bit just till I feel a bit more 'healed' if that makes sense however will be back at work on Saturday. Hope you are feeling okay x 

Feeling a lot better. I took some painkillers for a few days and that helped. I was very tired after. 


How are you feeling now after your Leetz? Did you manage to get back to work today?

im feeling a lot better just taking things easy x