So sick of the waiting...

Hi Ladies,

Sorry I need to vent...again!

I went for my 6 month smear test at the colposcopy clinic back in September, where they did a colposcopy and said nothing showed up so just took a smear test. This was 5 weeks ago. Yesterday I finally got a letter back to say my results were inconclusive and I need to go in for another appointment. Because I've not been discharged from the colposcopy clinic yet I have to have it done there and their next available appointment is 22nd December!

I just feel like this whole thing is going on forever. I had my first smear on the 20th November 2013, had to wait until February 2014 to finally get my treatment and now it'll be 2015 before I get any results at all. How can it take 13 months, it's just getting to be a joke. I wanted to start the new year with a fresh start and "fingers crossed" a clean bill of health, if the colposcopist was correct. But instead i'm going to go into it worrying that something's going to go wrong or wondering why I haven't had results yet and i'm just sick of it.

Sorry to just come on here and moan yet again but all of my friends just seem to think because the solution didn't show any abnormal cells that that's it and I should stop worrying and I think they are getting fed up of me being fed up about it (if that makes sense). I just want to hurry up and know where I go from here, whether I still have hpv, whether I need to go back in 6 months/1 year/3 years and just want to know where I am up to.



no wonder you're fed up! What a ridiculous length of time to wait. Would paying for a one off private treatment be an option?

hugs, Molly xxx

Hi Molly,

I'm definitely going to look into it. I'm going to ring the hospital later on today and see if they have any cancellations or see if they will let me go to my own doctors as I only had a colposcopy last month so it's literally just the smear that needs re-doing and if not then i'm going to look into the private option.

Thanks for your advice xx

Hi I waited 10 weeks for my smear results and they came back abnormal. After complaining to public health I got my lletz results back in two weeks so maybe u should try and complain to public health to speed things up?? I don't think they understand the worry these things cause