So scared

Hi All,


Ive never really joined a forum, so im not sure how this all works.


I turned 25 in August and so i received my letter inviting me to have a smear done. I finally managed to get an appointment on the 19th Feb 2014 and had it done at my doctors.


Its not the 06/03/2014 and i received my resullts back yesterday. They have shown that i have high grade Dyskaryosis.

How have i got this and why do i feel like my life is about to end when it should only be the start?


Any answers would be great.



Hi Claudine,

First of all try not to panic and don't Google!

I had my smear a few months before I turned 25 and had the same results. It does not mean it's cancer, high grade dyskaryosis are abnormal cell changes in the cervix (pre-cancerous cells) and can take years to even develop into anything more serious.

You'll be referred for a colposcopy, which is just like a smear, where they will take biopsises (they don't hurt at all).

Then they will assess whether any treatment is required and may even do it there and then, depending on the size and position of the area.

I won't say try not to worry, because I did. Infact 3 months down the line and I can only just begin to stop worrying for a little bit.

This forum has been great for me. There are so many other women going through the same thing and everyone on here is so lovely and helpful.

Have you had your colposcopy appointment through yet?


Hi Fiona,


The letter said i should receive my colposcopy appointment within 8 weeks.


Is there something that i have done to get this? like the contraceptive patch or stress?




Hi Claudine,

I don't think there's any definitive answer of how you got this. From what I have read the majority of cases are brought on by a strain of the hpv virus, which can be passed on through sexual contact so even protection cannot completely protect you from it, but almost everyone will encouter the virus in their lifetime.

I found this link that may be able to answer some questions for you



Thank you, ill have a look.



Hi Claudine,  sorry you're having the stress of this too! 

I'm exactly the same, first smear showing severe dyskaryosis.

  I had my colposcopy on Monday and had lletz treatment at the same time which was really nothing to worry about.

The chances of it being cervical cancer are so so slim but I know it doesn't stop either you or I worrying until we know for sure.

However, I am surprised at how many of us receive this result from our first smears, so it really can't be that uncommon! 


Hiya, high grade is CIN3 very treatable, do you have an appointment for your colposcopy? 



Hiya Ladies,


I only got my results yesterday and they have said i should receive my appointment for colposcopy within 8 weeks. Surely this is too long to wait.


After both of your smear results, how soon after did you receive you colposcopyappointment?



I received my results the 14th feb had my colposcopy the 24th 

and I'm waiting on the results, I think it differed from place to place I was told four week wait but only waited a week

sohopwdully you'll not have to wait much longer xxx

Wow that was quick, hopefully the same will happen to me.


Ive also read that it is a STD is this correct and should my partnet be tested?



No if you have the HPV virus there are no tests your partner can get to determine weather he has it too

yiu could of got it from your very first partner and never know about it sometimes the body can build up a defence to it others can't unfortunately because im under the age of

30 I won't be tested for it which is crazy giving the circumstances



Thanks so much, you have really helped me understand a bit more about it.


I hope everything goes ok with your results.



Thanks :) there is a lot of information on this site about HPV 

and the different strains of it etc I would like to know weather I have it but they won't test me for it 



Im on 25 myself. :)


Ive never felt so stressed out in all my life. i know it could be much worse but im such a worrier at the best of times.




Firately pleased don't be scared by my history, the chances of yours being cancer are so so so slim! 

My very first smear also came back showing severe dyksarosis So I can fully understand how your feeling. I was also very confused by the whole HPV thing & in a way felt very dirty & ashamed I had it! But please be assured that is actually so common, infact they estimate that pretty much everybody has some form of HPV! 

Hopefully your colposcopy appointment won't be too long to wait although because changes are so slow waiting around for your appointment won't make any different or make things worse. You might even get lucky & called sooner if they get a cancellation. 

Some clinics can offer treatment there & then. It's all very dependant on a lot of factors so try not to e worried if they offer there & then or ask you to call back another time. If they don't give treatment there & then they will most likely take some biopsies which I personally found no problem atal. 

There's no point me telling you not to worry or try to keep busy as us women seem to only torture ourselves all the more! The only thing I can suggest is talking to some of your girlfriends. Youl be amazed how common abnormal cells & how many people will have had treatment. For some reason is women just don't tend to be open about it! 

I found this griuo a lifeline when I was in your position & 'met' some lovely ladies so ask away any problema or worries you have.

Big hugs 



I received my results on the 21st Feb and had my colposcopy and lletz ten days later - but only because I was offered chance to have appointment at a different hospital, as there was a four week wait to be seen at my town hospital!

Hey Johanna,


Im sorry to hear about whats been going on with you. it seems like life can be so good and one point and then fall down.


Since writting this post I received my smear results on the 05/03 which showed high grade dyskaryosis and then received my appoinment for my Colposcopy on 07/03 1 day later.


I called up to find out why i had received my appointment so quicky as the original letter said within 8 weeks.


The lady on the phone said i had to come in ASAP as i had severe abmornal cells.


My apointment is tomorrow tomorrow (1 week after i received my smear test results)


I just cant concentrate at work and i feel like no body around me knows what im going through.