So scared and anxious

I am 25 and just received my letter to say I have abnormal cells on my smear test and I am positive for HPV. So worried about the outcome of this I am awaiting my colposcopy appointment. Mostly worried that it will affect my fertility as wanting to have a baby within the next year or so. Any support would be amazing x

Hi - I really feel for you. I am 34 and want to try for a baby in the next year or so. I hated the wait for the appointment too. I had my colposcopy last wednesday (09/10/2019) - they took a biopsy and I'm now waiting up to 4 weeks for the result.

I don't think any of this will affect your fertility - I asked about having babies and they have said to me that there is a small risk of not carrying a baby to term but generally that is only if you have multiple treatments on your cervix. So for example if my results come back and I need further treatment for the abnormal cells they will take the cells away. If they have to do that on multiple occasions there will be less of a cervix there to hold a baby to term. I don't think any of the treatments will affect your ability to actually get pregnant though.

Once you get your appointment just make sure they answer all your questions and I'm sure they will put your mind at ease.

Good luck x