So scared about apt on Thurs

I feel like I shouldn't be posting here as I don't have a question. I'm just really scared about my colposcopy on Thursday. I've been waiting a couple of weeks for this appointment and now that it is drawing closer I'm getting more and more worried and scared. Whenever I think about it I get butterflies in my stomach and start feeling sick as I'm so scared. I'm 23 and this will be my first colposcopy, and I'm worried about the whole thing. I was shaky and nervous during my GP check and swabs and I just feel like this will be worse. I'm also scared about possible results... although my partner knows I will be going to this apt and is even coming with me to the hospital, I still don't feel like I can confide about how I'm feeling as I don't want it to seem like I'm over reacting about potentially nothing. I'm at university and I feel like I keep missing days but it's literally because I can't sleep as I'm so worried. 

I feel silly writing this as there are so many women who are going through so much worse than I am. I don't even know why I'm writing this, I feel like I need to rant and get it out my system. 

I was so scared before my first colposcopy and biopsy got myself in a right state. The nurses have seen very scared ladies lots of times I sometimes find the colposcopists a bit abrupt but the nurses are super they will hold your hand and chit chat to take your mind off things. I do feel for you as at your age I would have been mortified about the whole procedure. I always wear a dress and leggings so I feel a bit more covered up when I have to take off clothes on my bottom half. Also a bit of staring at the ceiling and deep breathing to calm u helps too. Hope it all goes ok xxx

The waiting is the hardest part I started to google every think which made me worse my nurse give my this link to go on and am so happy I did as I Thourt I was the only one who was going throu it the support and advice is fantastic of the other ladies :) you will be fine good luck at your app x

I had mine yesterday and had 2 biopsies taken. Honestly I cried for 24 hours before and there was no need. It didn't hurt. It was alittle uncomfortable at times but I promise it didn't hurt. Stay strong xx

Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate your kind words. I really hope you are all doing OK too.

Take care,



It is really scary being called up. I got my smear results at the beginning of December and had to wait til the New Year for my appointment. I let it totally ruin my Christmas but it was honestly not nearly as bad as you build it up to be. There will be a nice nurse chatting to you whilst they are having a look so you don't really think about what is going on, it is no worse than a smear and hopefully will give you some reassurance to see it is not nearly as bad as your mind lets you think it is! If you want to they will probably let you look on the screen to see. I chose not to and block it out and pretend it wasn't happening.

Have some nice chocolate/wine/ trashy films/mags lined up for when you get home



I am a highly nervous patient and I was very anxious before my first colposcopy, but it was fine, honestly: not worse than a smear, in many ways. I don't know your background or smear test results etc., but I was borderline changes, and my appointment consisted of a brief chat with the colposcopist, filling in a questionnaire, then sitting on the special chair, being reclined, having the speculum put in. Then they put dilute vinegar on the cervix, which didn't sting me. Then they saw an area of mild abnnormality and biopsied it: they asked me to cough on 'three' and then took it, then repeated that. It was not painful at all. Then they put a little silver on the area to stop bleeding, and applied pressure. Those last two steps gave me a slight achey feeling in my abdomen but nothing bad. Then the speculum was removed. I do tend to feel a bit faint at these things so at the second one I made sure I didn't get up too quickly and reclined for a short while and tensed my arms and legs to get blood back to my head. Then I got up and was fine. Sorry if this is a very dull rambling post, but I thought it might help to know what to expect. Sometimes women have LLETZ at the end of the consultation but only if it is seen to be necessary without biopsy confirmation, and only if you are happy with that. The nurses are lovely and if you feel uncomfortable at any point, do tell them. The whole thing was over really quite quickly despite me worrying for days/weeks in advance!!

You shouldn't feel silly about being anxious about it: studies have shown that women are as anxious about colposcopies as they are about major surgery! Even though it's really quite routine. I very much doubt you'd have any scary results especially at such a young age. I hope tomorrow they'll be able to put your mind at rest from the visual inspection xxx