So..... results are

So, the results have arrived on a weekend. The same as the appointment letter did in the first place. And it states that I have more changes that need addressing which it doesn't go into detail about. It has an appointment letter for a gynaecological appointment, also may require MRI and blood tests. 

Any idea if this automatically means I have cancer and they just didn't want to put it in a letter? The appt isn't until the 02/09 so 3 weeks of waiting! And I am pretty much assuming the worst.


Give your GP a ring :) mine was able to tell me my results in more detail over the phone as my letter didn't say anything at all and I couldn't cope with the wait. I don't think you'd have a 3 week wait if they were concerned so that's a good sign. In comparison mine was 3 days after I got the letter. Likely the margins aren't clear enough and they want to do the same thing again. Chin up and let us know if you find out any more information. Xxx

Agree with Jojo84 - your GP is the best option. I phoned mine as soon as I got call from hospital and he was able to check it out and give me the full story so I didn't drive myself crazy waiting. Best of luck.

Does it actually say you may need an MRI? have you had a biopsy already? 

i managed to get an earlier appointment by ringing up and getting a cancellation. Probably worth a try.

Id be very surprised if it was cancer as they are making you wait 3 weeks, there are faster guidelines they have to follow. 


Thanks ladies. I only got the letter this morning and so will have to wait till Monday to call the GP. But I will be doing it as already feeling quite dismall.

I had LLETZ treatment on the 04/08 as high grade. It says they have findings which will require further attention. And an MRI and chest x-ray may be necesary so I'd get appt's through for them in due course :/