So much waiting and anxiety

So let me give my story so far. I’m in the US. I made  horrible mistake by not going to get a Pap test for 13 years. So I went for a physical with my new primary care doctor and she gave me a Pap test. It came back abnormal and I was sent for a colposcopy punch biopsy. She took about 4 biopsies and they came back as CIN3 severe and I was scheduled for LLETZ or Loop as it is called here. I had that yesterday and before it started he seemed reassuring but he ended up having to remove a large area and it was painful and he said he never had a patient bleed as much as I had. I didn’t bleed much during colposcopy. Anyway he said the chance is low that this will show cancer but a little higher due to it being a large amount. I’m now back to being terrified again of the results being cancer as well as being scared because he said I am at high risk now for bleeding complications. this is like a never-ending nightmare for someone with health anxiety. So my questions are: has anyone had a large amount of CIN3 and had it not be cancer? How common is it for the LLETZ results to be worse than the punch biopsy results? 

Hiya, it just seems like everything is being thrown at you at once doesnt it. I havent had my treatment still waiting. My app is on thur. So i have no idea how much of my cervix is affected but i know its cin3. So i cant really help in that case. But just want to wish you luck with the results and your not alone although it does feel like it. X