So much pain!

I had my lletz 10 days ago, and had the black gritty bits in the last 2 days. 

Today though it's like someone has turned on a tap and I can't stop bleeding. I'm having to change pads every few hours and finding it's gone through a couple of times too. It's bright red fresh blood. 

And I'm in a lot of pain. My abdomen is hard and sore, and I have strong pains on either side. I've tried sleeping but can't get into a comfortable position so I'm nodding off for 15 minutes or so and waking in pain. 

Just for background, I haven't had periods for many years due to the contraceptive implant, so I'm confident it isn't a period. 

Is this a sign of infection?? 

Hi I'm not sure if it's an infection but it sounds like you should get checked over by the doctor. I've had three lletz procedures and I wasn't in any pain at all after them. 

Fingers crossed you feel better soon . 


Same here, I didn't have much bleeding at all.

I think rule of thumb is if you are having to change your towels that regularly it's best to get it checked out