So many obsticles, but finally have a treatment plan

Hi Ladies,

I have been lurking around reading the many different forum subjects since my CC diagnosis back in September to see if anyone had a similar story to mine, and I can see we have similarities but we also all seem to have our little unique twists during our journeys too.

I was initially diagnosed with cc stage 1B2 grade 3 agressive cells, back on 25th September 2015 after having a few hiccups with my colposcopy’s and haemorrhaging when a lletz procedure was attempted at outpatients clinic… this diagnosis was made from the results from the Lletz I had with a top hat performed under GA on 18th Sept and most of my cervix needed to be removed - that one week wait for the results felt like torture. I required the MRI but due to a previous operation that involved some metal implants back in 2001, the MRI could not be arranged until the precise metal type had been established and cleared as safe to perform the MRI - this info had to be obtained by the manufacturer who made the metal implants as it was not noted on my medical records!

Finally the MRI took place on the 9th October and the results of this showed there was a spread of the CC and I was re - staged to a 2b, the tumour was 5.4 cm x 5.4cm x 3.8 cm - however there were many enlarged lymph nodes noted in the abdomen and my consultant was concerned that the cancer had travelled into the abdomen, so a PET-CT scan had to be arranged.
By now my treatment plan had been pushed back to allow the full staging from the PET-CT and the chance of me taking part in the treatment trial ‘Interlace’ was not looking very hopeful.

I had this further scan last Monday - 2nd November 2015 and had a call from the consultant on Tuesday 3rd Nov explaining that the cancer was contained within my pelvis and had taken up residency in one pelvic lymph node, however a totally unexpected find of a 2 cm mass in my right breast that had moderate uptake in the PET-CT had also been found… Total shock as she feels it is not the cc but a completely incidental find of a second cancer type in my body. So I am starting treatment on Wednesday 2nd December for the CC as the earliest they could fit my treatment plan in to incorporate the Brachytherapy sessions would have been the 25th November, but I need a little break away to gather my thoughts and asked them to push back one more week.

So finally at last I have a confirmed date to start my cc treatment and had my planning CT Radiotherapy scan on 5th November, but now have the added worry of waiting for the breast biopsy to be completed and hope that it is not the cc that has travelled.

Is there anyone else who has had an incidental find similar to this when they have received any of their diagnostic scans? Sorry to have rambled on, but even though I have remained positive up to now, I finally had a melt down this week and feel I don’t want to burden my family.

Sorry if I have waffled - I have finally sat an plucked up the courage to write this all down and share this with others xx

Hi Totty :-)

Goodness me what a journey you have had so far! I am by no means an expert but I have never heard of cervical cancer metastasising to the breast. I suspect that you have something separate going on up there.

Separately, I am shocked to hear about these metal implants delaying your scan, it must have been hell-on-a-stick for you!

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly and swiftly for you from now on.
Be lucky :-)


I know someone who had breast cancer, then CC with about a year apart, they were two completely separate cancers....some people get all the luck eh? She is still kicking the hell out of life some 15 years later I hasten to add.

Really sorry you have just more and more stuff piling onto your plate. Fingers crossed that the breast is a cysty type thing, and wishing you the best of luck with treatment. 

Its horrible not wanting to burden your family and friends, but support comes in surprising places, you'll find out where when it matters most.


Thank you for your reply Tivoli :)

My consultant also said she had not known cc to metastatic to the breast and has already advised that this is very likely to be 2 different cancers needing 2 different treatments. ... So fingers crossed this is the case.  We have breast and ovarian cancer in the family. 

It has been hell on a stick but I now fianlly have some confirmed dates and my Radiotherapy tattoos arenwow firmly on my body ready for my treatment

Kind regards

Sharon x


Thank you for your encouraging story about your friend still kicking 15 years on.... That is reassuring to hear.

I hope it is a cyst type of mass too, however having seen the report, it does seem that it is certainly be!ieved to be a separate cancer. I will certainly post my update when I have had my biopsy 


OMG you really are very strong !!  I just read out your post and found it terrible. You will never be a burden on your family.

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