So happy

Had my  nephostomy removed  today  just  wanted  to tell u all as u have  all put up with me moaning  about  it so happy xx

Brilliant news,congratulations on another hurdle jumped x

That is great news. So happy for you:-)


1b1 squamous cell, radical hysterectomy, path report showed parametrial lymph node involved, restaged to 2b, 5 chemo and 25 radiation 

Thanks  ladies i said to  my partner  its a step  closer  to the  end  x

hooray great news 

bet your well releived its out 


onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 



That's wonderful news! xx

I am  really  looking  forward  to a  bath and  being able  to get bak to work 

This is great news!!

My first  bath  in 6 months  was  amazing  its  the  small  things  in life that  plz me