So frustrated

Hi all, i haven’t been on for a while because i have been backwards and forwards for the last couple of weeks waiting to get treatment started. Had cc 2b confirmed on the 6th April then saw the consultant on the 13th April to sign my consent forms, he said the radiotherapy would be pelvic and abdominal because all my lymph nodes were involved. While we were discussing everything i mentioned the incontinence i have, that was what started this whole journey back in September 2016, he examined me and agreed urine was leaking from the vagina so more tests needed! I had my kidney function test last week and having a contrast urinary CT tomorrow, still no sign of starting treatment. I also got a letter from the urology surgeon to go for further tests on the 23rd May. Just want to get on with this, it’s driving me crazy!! Xx


hang in there it sounds like your consultant is doing every check going which is good then he or she will no exactly what treatment you need I know it's hard but all these checks need to be done 1st and it's a waiting game I'm sure you'll soon be on your way to having treatment 

try to keep your self busy till the treatment starts and stay off google every body on this site is either going or been through what your experiencing and have excellent advice to give 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


the waiting does drive you crazy I've been there too , but they have to be certain of exactly what needs dealing with so you get the exact treatment you need .  It's really hard but do try to keep busy and make the most of this time before treatment starts as you'll be busy daily with radiotherapy appointments and your chemo day when the treatment is under way. 

Love greeni xx

Hi lewisia

i cannot add more then what the other ladies have already said but I did want to send you some positive vibes. Although waiting is difficult just keep in mind that it is necessary to know exactly what the best way forward is so that you can have the best probable outcome. 

Big hugs