So frightened it's progressed to cc- symptoms

Afternoon ladies, 

I am having such a bad day! 

I had lletz last May and results came back CIN 1&2 with clear margins. I then had a normal smear and hpv - result in November. 

I went back to go in feb as still having small amount if post coital bleeding. 

I have now been sent for a colposcopy next fri. 

Since then my periods have also been all over the place and I have brown spotting. 

Is it likely that they missed cc at my colposcopy and smear? 

Can it develop so quickly? 

I'm freaking out and very emotional! 


Thanks xx




I am not a doctor but everything I have read says its a slow developer and usually takes around 10 years to develop to that stage.

How are you feeling today?



Thank you so much for replying! It is much appreciated. 

I am still really anxious and just have this feeling of dread that they missed it last year. 

I just can't explain all these horrid weird symptoms. 

I am a single mum and I am petrified for my children not for me. I am all they have. 




Its so easy for people to say that you have to be strong, be positive and I must admit I got really angry the last time someone told me that so I won't say the same to you. I completely understand your anxiety. I only got my results back yesterday and had been in hell for 3 weeks. It's really tough but if they had missed something it would still be early on. You have an appointment and you will be seen so you will know. I found it helped to try and keep busy. When I was distracted I didn't think so much xx