so confused

so I had them back 2 weeks ago and I was told cin 2/3 that I am a complex case and the mdt has to have a look at them to see what the next step is,my head is racing! !! They said I won't find out till December 4th :( and now to add to all that I have the worst pains in my lower stomach and sharp pains going up inside my whoowhoo

hiya Marie Claire, did you have a biopsy when you had I'm guessing a colposcopy to say about results?? If so I had shooting pains and lower stomach cramps after mine so think its normal but others might be different. As to it being refered to mdt they do that with some cases, not necessarily because you have anything bad so try not to panic I know ita easier said then done.

chin up xxx

Yes I had biopsy done but that was a few weeks ago it's only now that I have the pain x