So confused?!?

hi I'm new here I'm 23 and was recently sent for an early snear due to pain during intercourse and bleeding after, my snear came back as severe dyskariosis so went it the colposcopy clinic where I has the lletz procedure I'm currently waitin for results, iv received a copy of the letter thats been sent to my doctor today which says "there was an area of dense aceto white changes going into the cervical canal and have therefore preformed a lletz I will write with results when these are available" what does that mean? Please help I'm driving myself mad on Google which is never good! 

The ace white bit is what describes when he put the solution onto cervix. The abnomal areas turn white. Then he has just gone on to describe the position of it. 

All clinics seem to have different waiting times but hopefully you won't be waiting too long for some results of what was found. 

Hope that helps a tad


Ps sorry for the typos! My iPhone doesn't like this site!