So confused

so i was referred for a colposcopy after my doctors giving me a smear test I’m only 21 and keep getting told I’m to young for this to be done and made to feel stupid over going to the doctors in the first place.

my colposcopy really did affect me I felt violated and used afterwards, when they took the biopsy I was told to cough w e ice never felt anything like it, I physically couldn’t stop crying after that and didn’t feel myself for weeks (sept 17) 

about two weeks later i got my results Back telling m I have abnormal cells CIN2 and I would need treatment, I’ve had no other information about what treatment I’m ment to be gettibng and my doctors arnt giving me any information:( my treatment is tomorrow (january 18) 


is really love any advice about what treatment it might be 

So sorry you had such a poor experience. You are never too young or silly for taking care of your body. I'm 25, have had abnormal pap results for 4.5 years now and was recently told they are now CIN2/3 which is quite scary. I've had 3 colposcopies and they are horrible. My doctor has requested I have a LEEP procedure done to remove abnormal cells (hopefully that will end it all). I would assume your doctor will treat you with a similar procedure. Honestly, this forum has really helped ease my worries, so take a look at some of the stories on here if you're feeling nervous.

Before your treatment, I would ask your doctor any and all questions you have. This can really be helpful in easing your mind. I make a list and take it with me. This is your health so don't be concerned with sounding silly or taking too much of a doctors time up.

All the best tomorrow