So confused!!!

So started chemorads on Wednesday for the next 5 weeks, prior to this starting at the consent meeting I was told I would have 5 weeks of chemorads then a 3 week break an then have braccy, but seems that I miss my last rad session an go straight into braccy on the 16th may, so do u have a break or is it normal to go straight into braccy???
My head hurts with it all, thanks ladies for listening an any advice given
Dawn x


i started my brachy during the end of my treatment. My first was suppose to be during the last week of radio but then they added another week of external radio for extra boosts so for 2 weeks I had brachy but would skip my external on those days. I had chemo with the first brachy week but not the second. I ended up having 4 brachy all a week apart. 


Thanks for getting back to me lolli, it's put my mind at rest u r a godsend.

Dawn x

I had my first brachy brought forward by a week so still had a couple of external to finish. I had one one week and two the next. X

Got a review on Wednesday so gonna ask how many braccy that I will be having it seems to be glossed over when I have asked previously.

Dawn xx

My brachy  over lapped by  2 weeks with my chemo n radiotherapy x

I think it's fair to say that your team will start off with a notional treatment plan based on the standardised protocol for your staging and individual health needs, then adjust when necessary as you go into the treatment.

I was scheduled to have 28 extended beam external radiation treatments, 5 x consecutive weekly chemotherapy (cisplatin) and 3 brachytherapy treatments at the end. 

What actually happened was that I had a chemotherapy treatment at the beginning of each of my first two weeks as per plan, then picked up flu (clinically confirmed) and became anaemic so needed a blood transfusion (2 units). That meant that my chemo was suspended for two weeks but I still had my daily radiotherapy under infection control precautions until I was no longer positive for the flu virus. Once that was done with, I went back to a chemo dose at the beginning of the next two weeks. This meant I only had 4 of my 5 chemo doses in total and my last two weeks of treatment began with a chemo dose & three radiotherapy treatments Monday to Wednesday. I then finished off with brachytherapy as an outpatient on Friday, brachytherapy again the following Monday and the final brachytherapy two days later on the Wednesday. 

To answer your question, I had a two day break between my last radiotherapy and my first brachytherapy, which then happened with a 2 day break between each of three treatments. It wasn't too bad at all and I was glad to get it over and done with tbh. Hope that helps.




Thank u for that cheery, i spoke with my consultant today at my review meeting and he explained the braccy procedure at Sheffield to me, I go in the Tuesday afternoon fast over night, then the Wednesday morning I go to theatre, then MRI, an then straight to a room where I have treatment for 21 hours, they hoping an the plan is I just need one session as he says once u have it once ur reluctant to go back for further treatments.

Thank you all for coming back to me as always ur reassurance is most welcome 


Dawn x


I was just going to say that in the uk we have a different bracky Procedure to the people over seas it is still the same treatment but we have all our bracky in one go so it takes 18 to 20 hours 

I had my bracky at Weston park I had it about 10 days after finishing all my chemo rads exactly the same as they have informed you I went in on Tuesday was fasted after midnight and went down Wednesday morning for the rods to be inserted then you go in to a room where your hooked up to a pellet machine for about 18 hours you don't feel anything the pellets are pushed through the rods for about 2 mins every 20 or 30 mins you have to lay on your back and the nurses come in every hour to turn you and rub your back you are allowed to eat and drink whilst having treatment but have something as in sandwiches as it's hard to eat lying down theres a tele in there to watch as well take magazines or if your a reader a few books I played games on my phone as well to pass the time 

onwards  and upwards 

love Michelle xx 


Thanks Michelle, how did u feel afterwards did u have many side effects xx

Dawn x


I had no side effects from the bracky as I say you don't feel anything just pure boredom as your in the room on your own to be honest i was more nervous about being put to sleep to put the rods in but that was over with really quick so now I think it was kinda stupid of me but then again I might be 48 but I'm a bit of a baby really when it comes to needles and ops 

I had side effects from the chemo and radio as in a little sickness and diarrhoea   but I drove myself and my sister everyday to Weston park from Doncaster 

put the bracky to the back of your head and concentrate on the chemo and radio over the next 5 weeks 

stay strong

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 

I’m starting my chemoradiation this Thursday, having been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2b. And I am having it at Weston Park too

im trying to prepare not just for that treatment, but also the fear of the brachytherapy,it’s insertion,treatment and after effects.

But I am finding all the info on here Beverly helpful.

i have a wonderful,understanding and empathic husband, so I am lucky with that.

just want to get it over and done with.

my first grandchild is due on 17th December and I don’t finish the radiotherapy till 20th December so as my son and his wife live in London, I’m gutted that I can’t be there.

im hoping my brachytherapy is done as soon as they can so I can at least try to see them in the new year