so confused...results help

Hi Lady,


Feeling very confused as youwill all no i had a coloposcopy don on 22nd of jan while there two docs come into look also spoke to each other and also said about carsanoma in situ...also looks like hpv nothing said to me just each other in front of me...any way long story short... I got a call to say results are back and letter was sent out friday but todays post has been and no letter...I called the colposcopy department who had a look and said no follow up with the colposcopy deparment but there is with the gyno... I then got put through to the gyno sec who said the urgent letters has been sent out so i should of recieved it buy now but maybe waiting to be signed... but would not give me the results...

Q has any body had a colposcopy and not had a follow up with them but have with a gyno.. so confused do know what to think.

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Hi new to this site but nice to hear so many people are feeling the same ! I had some problems with bleeding after inter course and went to the doctors to demand a smear test the doctor told me there was no point in a smear as I wasnt due for 6 months and booked me in with the doctor for an examination. The doctor told me I had a cervical erosion and there was something else on the top which could've been the base of an old polyp but she didnt kniw.just had my colpscopy appointment and he said it isnt a polyp its some sort of lesion and the erosion the doctor thought she saw was scaring from a diathermy loop and giving birth to my children he took two biopsies and told me to wait around 3 weeks for results I am absolutely terrified at the thougjt of it being something horrible I was bad enough waiting for todays appointment and know I wont be able to think of anything else has anyone else experienced this ? Xx

I havent experiened the same but know what you mean by waiting for results i find it so hard and head is all over the place i hope all is possitive for you and am sure you will get more of a response from people who have be through the same thing there so great to help on here xx

Goodluck huni xx

Thank you and good luck to you too xx