So confused glandular abnormalities

Hi everyone
After thinking I could shelf this experience (at least until Dec when I have my 6 months after lletz smear) I thought I was finally feeling more at ease but today I randomly thought I’d check my nhs app and I saw a letter from the dr to my gp regarding the meeting I had with him following their mdt meeting.

At this meeting and previous to this I was told I was just high risk hpv positive and nothing abnormal in my lletz results and this years smear (I previously had endocervical glandular neoplasia in my 2022 smear and colposcopy with no treatment which was raise as an incident investigation this year) but this new letter says “LLETZ procedure which shows HPV changes” and “her cervical smear report confirms glandular abnormalities” I’m now left so confused and no idea what is going on. I wouldn’t have left the discussion agreeing to the wait 6 months repeat smears if id have known this. I explain to the dr at my meeting I was having hip and back pain (I feel like my hip has come out of the socket sometimes which I said could be actual hip problem I’m only 35, others it’s just a dull pain or if I’m laid out on my front then get up it’s like somethings pulling getting caught pain) he agreed to send me for an internal ultra sound but a nurse piped up that we shouldn’t over treat and to go to gp instead so he changed his mind.

Luckily I have Aviva health care so I’m on with getting a second option once my hospital records have been sent. Has anyone else experienced this?

Story so far
Smear 21st June 22
HPV positive abnormal changes to cells in cervix. “Endocervical glandular neoplasia on her cervical smear.”

Colposcopy 25 July 22
Endometrial biopsy done but came back normal, discharged to normal 3 year recall Letter found on nhs site hpv 16 positive.

Phone call 15 June 23
Male Dr gynaecologist checking my results wasn’t happy as he has had patients where it has presented it self differently to the biopsy I had taken. Wanted to double check another smear and biopsy also explained to me that there will be an incident investigation to look into the reasons for not obtaining LLETZ biopsy at the initial visit and the rationale for discharging her back to normal recall.

Colposcopy 21 June 23
Took another smear
Showed me my cervix rough looking all over explained LLETZ would be done to remove/treat the effected area and biopsy carried out. Would find out then what CIN I was. When drawing my cervix explained cells are usually flat appearance pink shiny mine with raised and rough she drew one area worse bottom left. Wait for results 6-8 weeks. Told investigation taking place as to why a biopsy wasn’t done on cervix only inside womb was contacted due to fail safe procedure they double check all screening done. I will be contacted with results

Letter received on nhs app 7th July 2023
“Colposcopy revealed florid ectropion with some contact bleeding and some features of CGIN, although I have to say it has been really difficult to assess due to the size of the ectropion and some contact bleeding. Given the degree of anxiety she has I felt it would be best to over treat than under and I discussed a LLETZ procedure with her which she has agreed to and the LLETZ has been performed uneventfully.”

Smear result back 7th July
high risk HPV detected no abnormal cells

Phone call 12th July explaining they were on with the investigation and I would get a report soon. Biopsy result and smear back smear hpv positive but no abnormal cells. Biopsy looked fine so it was being discussed at meeting and I would receive further info.

26th July letter on nhs app and through post about results showing no cell change and mdt meeting to decide on future management

22nd Aug meeting with dr explained I was to have smears 6,18 & 36 months at colposcopy sept.

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