So angry

Was ment to see my consultant  next week for my scan results  today  I get a letter saying it cancelled  n they  carnt reschedule  it n im on a waiting list so I ring up my consultant  as gone off  as she  pregnant  the locum as let  them  down  they trying to find a new locum i feel totally  in limbo 

So sorry to read this! Really wish there was something I could do to help!

Sending you positive vibes, for whatever use they might be??

Be lucky :-)

Thanks  just  needed a rant just wanna  no my results x

Sure! I bet you do! Sending big love! Here in Greece we get our results fast!


Hi there 

so sorry for you that's really rubbish  , could you ring one of the McMillan / specialist nurses see if they can help or could 

Your  GP help with this / finding out the results . 

Just trying to think of anything to help 

love Greeni 


Oncolgy  receptionist  said she gonna  see if another oncologist  can look  at my results if she  carnt  sort i will take  it higher thanks  so much  to u both  for ur support  x

Hopefully you get it all sorted soon. It's awful waiting never alone having unnecessary delays. Take care xx

After  ringing  them again  i managed  to get  an appointment with another  consultant thank God 

Glad it's sorted helpme! Nothing more frustrating than waiting to hear results! Take care.

Thanks all this  has  made  me even  more  worried about  my results

I hope helpme that you hear the words you want to hear, and this worry is soon part of your past. I feel anxiety waiting but I get the comfort of someone I know to tell me the results in about 5 weeks. I'm truly sorry for your experience! Thinking of you.

Thanks x