Smell after lletz

Hi I’ve just joined !

I had lletz done last Wednesday and the last 2/3 days I’ve been saying to everyone I can smell feaces… my husband now and again can smell it but it’s just constantly in waves to me . I’ve only just clicked it must be me , yet I can’t smell faeces when I go to the toilet only a weird smell .
Is a poopy smell normal if it was me ?

I never want to go through this again ! I have CIN3 and hoping my results are fine in 3 weeks otherwise what do I do if they want me to have another lletz ? I don’t want to go through this again .
Thank you

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Hello - I had LLETZ on April 18 and have only just stopped being able to smell a ‘cabbagey’ smell. I didn’t have an infection, just that smell. It was very unpleasant and I am so pleased it’s gone, I was totally paranoid everyone could smell it. I think it is normal while you heal but if it gets worse or you have pain with it, I would call the hospital for reassurance. And I hope you get clear results x

Hi there, I had my LEEP/LLETZ four days ago. I did have a cabbage type smell or broccoli smell for like the first two days. Now the discharge just smells like damp tortilla ha ha. Even if I shower the smell comes right back. So gross, I hate this whole process. I had CIN 3 also, hopefully they got it all and it doesn’t come back, for all of us! I had watery pink discharge with spots of yellow and black which I assume was the solution they put on my cervix. Today I woke up with bright red blood. I hope we never have to go through this again!

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Hi , yes I’ve woken up today with bright red blood and it’s really heavy , I’m guessing I’m now on my period . It’s not as bad smelling now I’m bleeding but still a strong smell like I’ve had a period for a few days and not bathed . ( sorry tmi) haha . I’m irregular so I don’t know when I’m supposed to be on my period . I wouldn’t know if this is normal or not !

Yes I’m having heavy bleeding today now, I think it might be my period? Hard to tell when you’ve already been bleeding! My results came back today, she got all the CIN3 with clear margins! Follow up pap in six months! I hope you have the same results!