Well after having a total radical hysterectomy in November 13 for cervical cancer I have just received my 3 yearly reminder. It has really upset me and made ne realize that I have been through such a lot in a short space. Of time :(


I got a reminder too a couple of months ago, I fell to the floor in tears. I couldn't believe they'd still send it to me :(

Hope you are ok.


Yes I'm ok..I suppose it's the realisation of what we have been through when we receive these reminders. It sounds silly but i wish I could turn clock back and have a bleeding smear now even though I hated them lol xxu

Yep, I too got the letter to remind me my smear was due!  I didn't reply as I couldn't believe it - then I got a second one!  What got me is the letter was sent out by my GP's surgery, by people/staff who know me!!  Obviously they don't even acknowledge the name on the letter when they're sending these out.  I had to ring them & tell them to take me off the list FFS!!

Leah, I think it's after it's all 'over' that it hits you like a ton of bricks. Have you thought of getting any counselling to talk it all out with someone. I have an appointment next week with a local charity that offer free counselling for cancer peeps. My Macmillan nurse referred me......I think we all suffer a bit of post traumatic stress afterwards to be honest. xxx