#SmearForSmear - Please help us spread the word!

Hi Everyone

As you will all know, Cervical Cancer Prevention Week started yesterday and we need your help to raise awareness.

20% of eligible UK women don't attend their smear test, rising to 33% of 25-29 year olds and, worryingly, the numbers being diagnosed with cervical cancer are going up. As we all know here on the forum, a cervical cancer diagnosis is so tough so let's try and stop as many women as possible from having to go through this devastating disease.  

This is why we're asking you to put on your favourite lipstick, smear it across your face, take a selfie, then share it on social media using the #SmearForSmear hashtag. Please nominate your friends to do the same and remind them about the importance of attending their smear test! (the hashtag and the nominations are really important to include).


To find out more about the campaign and how you can get involved please visit our page https://www.jostrust.org.uk/get-involved/campaign/cervical-cancer-prevention-week/smearforsmear


The Jo's team have all done their smear selfies to raise awareness of the importance of screening - please help us and do yours!


Best wishes

Rebecca Kiss

Hi There

I was wondering if anyone had seen the Mail on Sunday this week where under the section of Platell's People the journalist Slates Mick Jagger and his daughter who has taken part in the Smear for Smear Campaign.  I quote from Pg 19 "Given the fact that it's often a sexually transmitted disease (Cervical cancer), perhaps a better campaign would be for her dad Mick Jagger to caution young girls on the dangers of promiscuous sex"....Am I the only one offended by this? I am a cervical Cancer survivor, I am fully aware of the hpv virus and how it can affect the body. How can a woman belittle a campaign that some are scared to get behind because of these types of ignorant and ill infomed views!!!


I'm so proud of Jo's and the campaigning you do and I hate to see it be slated in this way.


Bloody Daily Mail. Grrrrrrr


Hi Nicola and Suzysooz

Well I think it's safe to say you're definitely not the only ones who feel like this. We can definitely understand your feelings on this disappointing article.

I just wanted to reassure you that we'd seen it and have sent a very firm response seeking an apology to women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities for their careless attitude. Thankfully this is a very old way of thinking about HPV and the more we educate the public the easier it is for us to talk about cervical cancer and for women to get the support they need.

And thank you! I'm so pleased that you feel so positively about the work we do - thank you so much for your support!

If there's anyone out there who has been affected by the recent article and needs a friendly chat, please do remember that our helpline is there for you 0808 802 8000.

Sending much strength to our wonderful community!