#SmearforSmear 2016 is coming soon…

Hi everyone,

We’re launching #SmearForSmear 2016 this Sunday 24 January at 11am!

Last year #SmearForSmear reached over 150 million women to raise awareness of cervical cancer and the importance of cervical screening. But with 1 in 4 women in the UK still not attending their cervical screening when invited we want to a make an even bigger impact this year.

Please join our virtual #SmearForSmear Facebook event, and get ready to post your smeared lipstick selfies this Sunday. We’d really appreciate it if you could also share this Facebook event with as many friends and family as possible so we can create a wave of awareness across social media encouraging other women to attend their smear and reduce their risk of cervical cancer. Sign up to the event to keep updated here: https://lnkd.in/dwDV66k

Thank you so much and look forward to seeing your lipstick smears on Sunday!

Very best wishes